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His and Hers
His and Hers

In an upcoming episode I’m going to share with you a photo of the floor in my sewing room underneath my new chair.  But for now I thought I’d share this photo of my husband and me.  Setting up this shot was a bit tricky.  dance bang head 1752

After so many years of faithful and loving service I needed to let go of my very favorite Ripple Pottery coffee mug.  The one posing here on the right, in the sun, in all its thread surrounded glory.  Some time ago I managed to crack the handle on the mug.  It’s sad I know.  We’ve been good friends over the years sharing many cups of coffee, the occasional lapsang souchong and the odd hot chocolate.  Letting that mug go was sad, so sad.  And now I’m thinking it would have been the perfect addition to my sewing room to hold something, anything to keep it in service.  But alas, it is gone and my heart is heavy.

Pressed into service for the long haul is the “New England Quilt Festival” mug which holds 20 ounces of any beverage.  This is a great addition to my morning coffee routine.  When posing the mugs for the shot I placed them on the shelf where they are stored, over the coffee pot in the kitchen with the logo on the front.  The back of the mug says, “I’d rather be stitchin’ than in the kitchen” truer words were never spoken and particularly from my lips.  My husband is the better cook, well organized and cleans up as he cooks.  And darn it the food rocks! 

His mug is on the left, kinda tall and on the thinner side and my new mug is on the right shorter and on the ample side looking all quilterly.  So this could one day possibly maybe end up as a quilt “portrait of a couple”.

It seems the a particular pen company has come out with a new pen, just for her.  What’s better is the comments.  Have fun reading

A fun bit from a quilt show the other day. 

hand dyed fabric 002I was actually Megged (a term for another quilter getting you to purchase fabric that you weren’t intending to purchase) by the gal working in the Dyeing 2 Sew booth.  I had the orange and pink fat quarters and then she showed me the purple and in a moment of inspired weakness I could just see “Moon Over Manhattan” revisited. 


Go quilt your world!


An Interview with Lisa H. Calle

Lisa Hagstoz Calle and I met sometime ago on facebook.  We met in person during the MQX – New England Quilt Festival in Manchester, NH.  Lisa greeted me with great enthusiasm and I had that, “who on earth are you” look on my face.  Seriously I did not recognize her from her photo.  Yiyiyi!  I’m now thinking that everyone should put their facebook photo on their name tag, it would make recognizing our facebook friends so much easier. Later on we laughed so hard that neither one of us could  speak.

TL: How did you get hooked into quilting?
LHC: I made my first quilt in 1997… I enjoyed it but really didn’t get hooked until I started longarming.  Then everything clicked for me.

TL: Do you have a favorite quilt or two?  Tell me about them (design inspiration, how long they took and what makes them special)
LHC: My two favorite quilts are Playing Hookie which was my first real show quilt.  It is black and orange, I made the top in a beginner piecing class.  It was really on this quilt that my method of Divide and Design started so it holds a special place in my heart.
Hula Hibiscus is another favorite.  It is currently on a tour with Hands all Around which started in Houston last year.  Ronda Beyer designed the center medallion along with the challenge of only using our stash.  This was difficult since I don’t have a large stash,  this one took well over 100 hours to just quilt.  I have no idea how long it took me to design.  This one holds a very special place in my heart as it won two BOS, one at AQS DesMoines and the other at PNQE!

TL: What are your favorite fabs?
LHC: I love Moda’s fabrics.  I also really like hand dyed.  I don’t have a large stash and really buy per project.IMG_4392

TL: So I see you don’t keep a large stash of fabric.  I knew there were quilters who kept their stashes small, but I’m curious: do you keep a much larger thread stash?
LHC: Not a huge stash of threads.  I have my favorites and like to stick to them,  I love YLI silk on my show quilts.  I has to be my favorite thread.  I am trying to slowly gather the entire line.  😉

Lisa H Calle Red Velvet
Lisa H Calle
Red Velvet

TL: What machine/s are your faves and why?
LHC: Piecing I have a Bernina for my piecing…. no real reason, it just seemed like a good one
Quilting A1 Elite…. I wouldn’t quilt on anything else.  It just glides along and allows me to do alot of the small intricate work that I have fun with.

TL: The quilting community has strong opinions about thread and batting, having good reasons why they use this or that.  What thread(s) do you use for piecing and quilting?
LHC: I love to use Auriful 50wt for my piecing.  Quilting, personally YLI silk, customers SO Fine

TL:  What batting do you use for quilting? I use Quilters Dream batting for almost everything.  I did however try Hobbs wool and LOVED it.  
LHC: Do you use a different batting for competition quilts? I use QD for my competition pieces as well as customer quilts.  

TL: Do you use more than one layer of batting for your competition quilts?
LHC: I always use two layers of batting on my competition pieces.  It is much easier to get great tension.  I always use a layer of wool of top.  This helps give more dimension to the quilting.

Lisa H Calle Red Velvet Close Up
Lisa H Calle
Red Velvet Close Up

TL: How did you get into the world of quilterly competition ?  
LHC: I am a competitive person, always have been.  So when I found out about quilt competitions, it was a natural fit for me.  I think it makes me stretch creatively and work outside of the box.

TL:  Is there one show that you would just like to win?  
LHC: Why, Houston of course…. also Paducah… it would help if I could remember the deadlines.  

TL: Favorite quilting beverage?
LHC: I drink water all day long as I quilt

Lisa H Calle Swan Song Full View
Lisa H Calle
Swan Song Full View

TL: Do you have a personal blog or website?
LHC: I have a wordpress blog and a website.

TL: Can you tell me a bit about your classes?
LHC: Currently I am teaching design (drawing classes) that can be taken by all quilters no matter how you finish your tops.  Divide and Design is the method I use for all of my custom work.  I also teach a mini wholecloth class that the techniques can be used to create a larger quilt as well.

TL: I just read the class description for “Divide and Design” cleverness, cleverness I say!  Quilters Agoraphobia oh I love the phrasing and the concept.  I’m sure you love those aha moments the students have along the way.  How can quilters take this class with you?
LHC: The aha moments are the best.  Especially when someone is skeptical.  I am teaching in my studio  and I am available to come to guilds to teach as well.  I will be doing select shows next year as well.  Here’s a link to Lisa’s Classes.

Lisa H Calle Swans Song Close Up
Lisa H Calle
Swans Song Close Up

The Quilter’s Groove Rulers were born out of my desire to have evenly spaced lines without having to measure.  I am all about simple and really don’t like to measure.  I had been working on Hula Hibiscus and did straight lines without the aid of a ruler.  Just eyeballing the distance and was unhappy with the results.  I figured if I needed them and liked them then maybe others would too.  I just came out with the curved lines as well.  It has been fun but I guess the best part is seeing what others do with them and hearing how easy it has made their quilting.  

Bang Head Here

Since the judging is over and the winners have been notified I now feel free to share Bang Head Here

dance bang head 1975

While I was in the middle of “@play” and “dance” I was very frustrated with the process of making both of those quilts.  “@play” became the unruly teenager for a while and “dance” has been temporarily put on hold.

dance bang head 1948I’d tried playing with another style for “dance”  and it was working except I didn’t have the patience to deal with the fabric bunching up on me.  My personal irritation level with quilting was at an all time high.

Don’t get me wrong I love to quilt.

I love quilting.kaleidoscope bang 1

I needed to do something fun and whimsical and Bang Head Here was born.

Sometimes poking fun at frustration make the situation easier.  And anything that makes quilting easier is great in my book.  It’s kinda like learning how to adjust the bobbin tension on your home sewing machine…we’re all told not to, however this is one fun way to break the quilting rules.

The majority of the quilt top is a beautiful rayon batik I purchased from Sew Batik.  The red is a silk  that I fused to the inside of a random hole I cut out of the rayon.  Thread is mostly Magnifico.

The Kaleidoscope at the right is from Bang Head Here.

Note: in late April/early May I’ll be able to share @play with you.  I just need to wait for the magazine to come out.  I’ve seen the cover floating around on facebook.  It’s beautiful and features Susan Brubaker Knapps’ work.

More blogging later in the week!

Happy quilting!


New England Quilt Festival!!!

dance bang head 1968Oh I am a tease aren’t I?!

See this quilt?  Well the front of it got juried into the New England Quilt Festival.  Click on the link to see a full list of the finalists.  Congratulations to EVERYONE.

Looking through that list – there’s some amazing competition, meaning that there will be a lot of great quilts for the return of New England Quilt Festival (MQX East).

I’m excited because this quilt is different for me.  The week of the show I’ll show you the front of the quilt.

Don’t forget I’m teaching at this show.  Follow this link to sign up for my classes.

Happy Quilting! Teri

Keith is a calendar guy!

Well at least his quilt “Curvilinear Energy” is!

MQX Calendar 2013 FINAL

Isn’t it beautiful!  Congratulations Keith.

Janet-Lee and Mary announced last night a very exciting change with MQX!  MQX East is now: New England Quilt Festival and MQX West is: Pacific Northwest Quilt Festival.  The links will be active shortly and when they are I will post them.

I’ll be teaching at the New England Quilt Festival.  YAY!!!

Congrats Keith!

Happy Quilting,


I don’t always remember to take pictures in my classrooms.  Truth is I get busy with my students and forget that the camera is in my pocket.  They do good work and it deserves to be featured!  I did get to be a student this week as well.  I took Karen McTavish’s class  Mastering the Art of McTavishing.  It’s such an honor to take a class with her and I made a point of it knowing that, at least for now, she’s “retiring” from the teaching circuit.  I learned so much from her on the development and process of McTavishing.

I sat in the back of the class next to Karen Zimmerman, the Janome Educator and tried to stay out of trouble.  Karen is quite delightful and I am hoping to see her in Houston.  In both classes I taught in her room she very nicely demonstrated a stretching technique that Karen McTavish shared in her room that I will be sharing with students in every class.  And you’ll just have to take a class with me to see what that is!

On Friday afternoon Jim Smith told me he almost bought me a pair of socks.  All week long I wore highlighter color socks.  Lots of people were getting a big kick out of them.  Susan dared me to wear 2 different colors on the same day.  I did. 🙂 it was fun.  Jim found some pink & green socks heehee, I would wear them!

Here is Donna Morales-Oemig from Follow That Thread/Aurifil.

She’s very fun to hang out with and look at all that beautiful thread!  OH MY!  I love thread and Aurifil is one of the best!

and do you see what was right across from her?

Sew Batik and all of that beautiful, beautiful batik cotton, rayon and flannel.  How do you stare at that booth all week and not buy anything?  Neither one of us resisted.


There will be more later in the week.  I need to start getting ready to work.  Click here for a list of winners from MQX West.  There is some amazing talent and I’m honored to be on the list with Keith.


Happy Quilting!




I volunteered to help hang the show today, it’s hard work and Cathy Wiggins is well organized!  162 Judged quilts, Wearables, and 2 special exhibits were hung while the vendors were bringing all their amazing stuff in!  I knew I’d won something, but wasn’t sure which quilt, I had 3 in the show. I behaved myself for the most part, I did ask Janet-Lee and Cathy but tight lipped.  The winning quilts are displayed so that both side of the quilt can be viewed.

Remember back in August when I picked out all of that metallic stitching?

Well I think the end result might be well worth the effort!  Here is the front of Tilde.  I’ve shown bits and pieces over the last few weeks.  Snippets here and there, close up but not anything that would really show the entire thing.  Keith Dommer pieced this exquisite top.  The center is Sharon Schambers Fresno block (used with permission).  Keith designed the rest of the quilt around this motif, exploring the shape of the tilde.

It was truly an honor to quilt Tilde.

I enjoy the process of working with other quilters, there is something about this that brings a certain sense of joy.

I did tell Keith that if he wanted me to requilt any part of this I would be happy to do so.

The blue ribbon tells me with clear certainty that I don’t need to requilt anything.

A little about the quilt – Keith’s applique is intense and accurate and well, he has a damn good sense of color.

I used a single layer of Hobbs Tuscany Wool Batting.

And then there is the thread – MasterPiece, So Fine, Bottom Line, King Tut, Metallic and Magnifico were all used in this quilt.

I have a few more quilts to share but will do so later tomorrow evening as I have a few more I want to shoot.

Happy Quilting!