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MQX West – Portland

Just signed my contract for MQX West.  I’ll be teaching Beginner Freemotion Machine Quilting, Let Your Foot Loose Be Fancy & Free and And Now What?! Designs in Machine Quilting (this class will have some machine stitching!).

I’d originally missed the deadline in January due to a serious case of “I’ll do that later” brought on by not feeling well leading up to the surgery in January.  After Providence I decided to email Mary Schilke and offer to teach in case they needed anyone.  Well, there was a bit of room in the schedule and here I am!

I’ll see you in Portland in October.

I’ll also be working out dates for Creative Sewing as soon as I can.

Happy Quilting,



PS this means I need a show quilt

PPS I’m so excited!

PPSS if you’ve already read this on facebook sorry for the repeat!

10 thoughts on “MQX West – Portland”

  1. Hi Teri
    I signed up for MQX in Portland classes. I got my supply list and was thinking it was for a long arm machine. I’m a domestic quilter. So looking at this blog it looks like I signed up correctly. Can’t wait for October. Peace and light, Katie Gomez


      1. Teri
        Thank you and Mary form MQX just confirmed I will love your class. So onto Asilomar in a couple weeks and then a long wait until October. Glad I got all my ducks in a row before I left home and didn’t have a computer to figure out my head stuff.
        Peace and light, Katie Gomez


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