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Mmmm, Food

I boogied back from Maine for a doctors appointment yesterday so I didn’t have time to blog.  I’m glad that I get to stay with my sister when I travel north as I get to spend time with my nieces.  They are just such interesting people.  My sisters are interesting and fun to be with as well and they have all given much such interesting nieces and nephews!  What more could an aunt want?

Sunday afternoon I dashed over to see my Gramma, she’s my dad’s mom, after class.  I’m so grateful to still have her around, she’s 96, and visit her every trip.   I usually don’t tell her when I’m coming so it’s a bit of a surprise for her when I show up in her doorway and I love the look of surprise and delight when I do.  I learned from Gramma that her mom, my Nana, was a quilter for hire when she was raising her children.  Gramma did some of the quilting (tying) too, as far as I know Gramma didn’t quilt as an adult.  Painting, plastic canvas and sewing were her hobbies.  The quilting skipped a generation and now there’s me.  My dad had that white hair and I hope I have that too, though I have a bit to go before completely “gray”.

After the doctors visit my sweetie and I went to the Bayou for a bite to eat.  After driving all day I was hungry!  Mac & cheese with jalapenos for an appetizer for me.  Weirdly since my surgery I’ve wanted a bit of heat now & again.  Weird.  I had an oyster Po’Boy.  I liked the oysters but not so much the bread.  I’ve not been much into bread since January and sweets are low on my priority list!  I have stuff occasionally but not as much as I would before.  The treadmill has also become and almost daily part of life.  I’m finding the “stride” I had when I was in my early 20’s and am so loving it!

The Bayou has hot sauces on a ledge all the way around the dining room.

The names and art work are just as interesting as the sauces themselves.  My sweetie will try them!  I really should have tried the one featured in this pic, however I’m not sure how much heat there is and Im a bit skeered!


I taught the extended version of “And Now What?!”  at Creative Sewing Center in Auburn, ME this weekend and had the students doodling and thinking through stitching motifs.  We had a great time!  I love it when students start embracing the creative process and relaxing into quilting.

A couple of the students went right from the Beginner class on Saturday to the Advanced/And Now What class on Sunday.  I’ll be in contact with the shop manager soon about setting fall dates.

The fall looks to be rather interesting and I’ll share more soon.

Happy Quilting!



4 thoughts on “Mmmm, Food”

  1. Teri,
    I took your class in Auburn and after seeing your inspiring quilts and getting a bit of gumption, I have tackled my King size red/white double 9 patch. The center has pink teardrop “feathers” with swirls out to the corners, the next pathway (creams) has leaves and spirals in pink variagated thread, the next red pathway is filled with large teardrops in pink thread. So far I’m 1/3 finished and I’ve used 3 spools of thread!
    Thank you for helping me have confidence in my quilting ability, giving me some tools to use, and giving me that little push to go beyond the tried and true. I’ll post my progress on my blog: http://nofightingnobiting.blogspot.com/


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