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Getting ready to start a couple of projects

I started Staten Island Sunset at MQX and need to do a bit of frogging before I continue.  In the mean time I have another idea that may or may not be part of the “City” series of quilts or I have another idea rambling around in my head.  With all of the wrought iron/metal I’ve taken photos of over the years I’m giving consideration to a design incorporating the feel of the images.  See this beautiful piece of hand dyed silk organza?  Esterita Austin made this.  I called her on a Friday, listened to her describe this to me and purchased it sight unseen.  I love it!!!  Down the road I may just do this again, call Esterita let her describe the colors to me and purchase more hand dyed silk organza.  I love serendipity and I usually end up with yet another favorite quilt.


This will be Mistyfused to a beautiful piece of Robert Kaufman Radiance.  Radiance makes me swoon.  When I bought this piece I bought a piece of white for Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero.  I can hardly wait to see what she does with it!  She was telling me a little bit and I’m excited.  I’ve been quilting some small pieces for her that I’ll be able to share a bit later.  I can tell you when I’m excited to be working on yet another amazing project with Jeanie.  They’re always so creative and beautiful.  When I sent her a photo of the quilting she liked it and enjoyed the surprise.

I wanted to fuse it last week and intended to however I ended up frogging a quilt I’m doing for a guild member. I finished frogging yesterday, will hopefully finish the quilting today and give the quilt to her Tuesday.

This weekend is full, full, full.  Today I get to have lunch with Melanie Testa and hopefully Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  I haven’t seen either of them in a really long time.  Saturday I’ll be going to the Northern Star Quilt Show with a couple of friends.  Sunday heading back into the City for lunch with a friend.  I need a nap already.

Happy Quilting!


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