Day Out with Quilterly Friends

I had lunch with Melanie Testa and Victoria Findlay Wolfe .  We met at the City Quilter and walked over to Eataly (Mario Batali’s restaurant).  Any day with quilters is such a good day and the inspiring conversation made this lunch even better.  Plans are in place for some more very quilterly time together.


I’d wanted to get Melly’s new book “Dreaming from the Journal Page” since the pre-release months ago.  Here is the first sentence of the introduction: “Opening a journal to draw, paint, doodle and make marks expands your creative potential and is nothing short of revolutionary.”

Talk about an invitation to creativity and an open door to walk through.  A quick breeze through the book and the invitation turns into a clearly defined class taking the reader from sketching to art.  This is a book FOR quilters!  As I experiment with creativity, sketching and making art I will post.  It’ll be a little while as I have a few things to do first.

After lunch Melly and I went for a walk ending up in Bryant Park.  Melly wanted a specific Japanese magazine and there’s a shop across the street that carries it.  Their office supplies are eye candy!  I had a very difficult time not purchasing funky paper clips, half a dozen pens and more.  Oh my.

I also planned a hot date with my sweetie.  We went to Croton Reservoir Tavern and had an amazing dinner before heading to Circle in the Square Theater to see Godspell.  Two amazing meals in one day.  Oh my.  I’m so glad we walked almost everywhere.

Now back to quilting and more quilting!  I’m so inspired by the whole day!

Happy quilting,



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