Bailey Baby

I took this photo of Bailey in 2008  As I was uploading pics he jumped up in the chair and laid down for me to take his photo.  It wasn’t long after this that Bailey was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid.  For a while he responded well to the medication and gaining weight and behaving like himself.  As happens the script needs to be renewed necessitating a trip to the vet, he was dropping weight again after a bit of testing Bailey was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Disease, which as we’ve been reading  may have been the underlying problem with the hyperthyroid masking the renal disease.  We were given a script for wet and dry food that would be easier on the kidneys.

In the last few months Bailey was losing weight and not really holding food down well. My husband noticed tremors, that they were increasing and Bailey wanted running water.  Since it’s been so hot, his weight being down we were trying anything to get him to eat and allow him to drink including leaving the tap in the bathroom on, wetting his paws.   For several days he was drinking and hiding.  Snuggling, having belly rubs and head scratches were not wanted.  As we read Bailey was feeling as though he had a hangover one long massive hangover.  We know for at least 4 or 5 days he wasn’t eating and we’re not sure beyond that because it’s possible Barnum was eating his wet food.  My sweetie tried adding catnip to his food to entice him to eat, he sniffed it and walked away.

We made the hard decision and Friday morning brought him to the vet and let him go.  This was the first time Bailey didn’t yowl all the way to the vet.  We stayed until the vet said there was no more heart beat.  The folks at Bide a Wee, where we adopted him in 1999, were respectful of our decision to let him go and very kind through the process.

Surprisingly Barnum seems to be adjusting well to being an only kitty.  He still looks for Bailey to pounce on him however that will change as time goes by.

I’ll have a more quilterly post in a few days and show you more of the quilt I’m working on.


5 thoughts on “Bailey Baby”

  1. So sorry, Teri. It’s so hard on us to do what they need. May your memories and Barnum give you great comfort. SueinNH

  2. It’s so sad to let a furbaby go. You sure did take good care of him while you could. ((HUGS))

  3. Oh, Teri! I’m so sorry for your loss. I know Bailey appreciated your help in his time of need. Our families are so special. Take care. – keith

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