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New Class

I’m taking a moment from the usually scheduled machine quilting posts to share with you that there is a new class in the works.  “From Inspiration to Whole Cloth. . .with a twist”.  I mentioned it here on my schedule.

Before I share more about the class I started what I hope to be the next competition quilt yesterday.  Its the Eserita Austin silk organza from this post.  I started quilting it with Kimono silk on top and Bottom Line on the back of the quilt.  The nautilus shells are stitched out in “Hello Kitty Pink”, the pebbles are teal, not sure of the color name/number right now.

The back of the quilt is dupioni silk.  My goal for the back is to keep it all in pink in very stark contrast to the deep purple (with red overtones) of the dupioni.  A double layer of wool batting will keep this quilt structured and offer loft in the areas that aren’t heavily stitched.  I don’t have a formal stitching plan for this quilt, like it’s predecessors “Serendipity Gone Large” will happen as it does with the other Serendipity quilts.
So, back to the class.  Whole cloth quilts have become the focus of what I do as a quilter.  I can’t quite tell you how surprised I was when I realized this and it was sometime between finishing “Serendipity the Third Time Around” and starting this quilt.  (I’m sure I have a few friends in a certain mini-group who would say they knew.  This group of quilters are so wonderful!)  It occurred to me recently that other quilters might enjoy this type/style of quilting so a new class is in the process of being developed and will make its official debut at Olde City Quilts in August.  I can hardly wait to see what the students quilt up.  In the meantime I’ve been experimenting:


This is Aurifil Lana (wool) on suede.  I tried stitching with metallic however it just was hidden by the fiber of the suede.  The Lana really pops!  When I can I’ll show more of the samples for this class.

Suffice it to say, it’s not traditional whole cloth quilting.

Happy Quilting!


12 thoughts on “New Class”

  1. I would love to take that class! I’m going to start saving up my “I deserve this” points, and gonna have to make a trip east!

  2. Hi Teri, Your “freeform” layout for this wholecloth quilt looks very interesting and I also love the look of the Lana, when it is used for quilting

  3. Do you have any tips for using aurifil Lana on the bernina 830′ I can not get it to work. I have tried low tension, top stitch 100 and bottom line in the bobbin. Even with a very low speed it keeps breaking, thanks for any suggestions .

    1. Is there anything caught in the upper thread track? Is there a burr in the stitch plate? When you say “low tension” what does that mean? Zero? Two? Have you tried a Jeans needle? Is there a burr near the thread uptake? Do you have troubles with other thread? Have you tried Magnifico in the bobbin? They are more evenly matched weight wise? Have you tried increasing the bobbin tension? Do you have another spool of Lana? There is a chance that the thread might be weak, have a series of weak spots or has been cut. Pull a good long length of thread and check it out.

      1. I have not tried a jeans needle I will try that and I will also try Magnifico in the bobbin. I have tried different lana spools and the same problem and i have tried tension sittings from zero up to 2.5. I do not have a burr on the stitch plate and I do use a thread stand. Thanks for the suggestions i will give it another try. The tread works really nicely on the Bernina 440.

      2. Yes I always have to do this and I have had it into the shop just before so I know it is in good working order. I was just wondered if you were using the 830 with the Lana and what setting you found useful. Thanks again.

      3. I am currently stitching on the 780. Checking in with a friend who has an 830 to see what settings she finds helpful. I’ll try the Lana on the 880 at work sometime this week. I hate to leave you hanging like this.

      4. Thanks for the suggestions and will wait to hear about the 830. Have a great day.

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