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Day Trippin’ in the City

We’ve lived in and around the City since shortly after we got married.  We’ve been to Staten Island a few times over the years but never to learn more about the history of Staten Island.  Today we visited this far off Borough of the City.  Our original goal was visiting Historic Richmond Town.  Tours were scheduled later in the afternoon so we decided to come back a bit later in the afternoon.

My sweetie found the Alice Austen House…finding a few flat rocks and bits of sea glass to add to my collection.  I’ll take a photo of those tomorrow but in the meantime here’s an older post with a photo of some of my flat stones.  Alice an amazing photographer, documented much of Staten Island and NY City life.  Her life story reads much like many of the single socialites of her day including losing her family fortune and a life of poverty into much of her old age until a magazine editor located Alice, sold a few of her photos and secured for her better digs in a nursing home.  Alice never considered her photographs valuable however they are from a few standpoints 1) she’s a woman clearly in a mans world at the time she took up photography; 2) historical value capturing Staten Island and images of immigrants waiting to fully enter the country; 3) Alice had an amazing amount of patience and talent capturing images of everyday life on glass plates (negatives).

This is the front of her family home.  With all of her photos its easy to imagine her life at Clear Comfort during it’s hey day.  It’s a beautiful home, full of warmth and charm.  It’s located along the water.  This is where I found the stones and the beach glass.  And took a few photos of the local flora.



Some of Alice’s photos were on display.




When we were finished there we headed back to Richmond Town for a tour starting on our own at the Tinsmiths.  A lovely woman who is very knowledgeable and a good teacher.  The fabric of her dress looks just like some of the Sturbridge Reproduction lines by Marcus Brothers.

 We later learned her dad works in the cooperage (wood shop) and they both play instruments during the winter gatherings at the Tavern.  I have to thank my sweetie for this shot as he said the lighting on her face  is perfect.  I agreed, the tin did it’s work reflecting the light onto her face.  She enjoys the tin work.

teaching moment, making a tin wall sconce

Here she is showing another docent how to use one of the tools to make a wall sconce.

Today’s tour included the taverns, two of the local homes and the general store.  While in the general store I spied some silk.  I said to my sweetie, “look this silk is in the sun”  insert freaked out look on my face.  See why I was freaking out a bit.  Oh well someone will catch this.

silk in the sun

In a day or two I’ll post more photos of our day.  Oh wait, one more.  I have to post this photos because it’s very, very quilterly.  My sweetie pointed this out to me.  Who knew?

Success to the Quilter!


Happy Quilting!






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