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Old Movie Theater, Staten Island

I have a thing for architectural lines.  I can see how they can be worked into a quilt.  My favorite architect happens to be Frank Lloyd Wright, though after seeing the Suckley place and another designed by John Warren Ritch, Mr Wright might have a rival.  I’m sure I could find out who designed the Paramount theater in this photo.  It’s located on Staten Island and the light was perfect for seeing the lines and definition of the stone work.

The stone work on old buildings always amazes me, the attention to detail.  I’m in awe of the craftsmanship.  The planning in the brickwork, getting just the right color to create different patterns that draw they eye over the facade of the building.

I love how something so hard can read so soft.  The curved lines meticulously brought out with just the right tools for the job.


Stone masons and architects working together to create something beautiful, taking pride in their respective crafts and acknowledging that without one another these structures would not last long. I can imagine apprentices working long and hard hours learning to work with stone, honing their craft and becoming masters in their own right.

When I see stone work like this I see quilting shapes.  My sweetie sees quilting shapes too, so much so that as we drove by he pulled over and patiently waited for me to take the photos that I needed.  It’s the same with the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, I see images and shapes that relate to quilting.

Happy Quilting!



4 thoughts on “Old Movie Theater, Staten Island”

  1. Teri, I always have loved architecture and the possibilities it presents to fabric art. Frank Lloyd Wright, and some of the interesting details from older architecture are also some of my favorites. I once went to Chicago with my late hubby and took several fabulous architectural tours. My photos from my travels from around the world are full of such details. How about an architectural quiltoff…may due sometime say around April 2013 (so we could enter them into the Houston special on tactical architecture if they have it again)? 😀 Cheers, BJ

  2. Frank Lloyd Wright, especially his Prairie series. I love to look at buildings and ponder their architecture!

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