The Dutchess County Fair is one we attend every year.   One of the main reasons I attend this fair is the quilts and the other hand crafters.  I like to see what quilters are doing and how the other crafts, particularly since I’ve started knitting, are faring.  The fair usually has a grand selection of quilts and some very knowledgeable quilters at the ready to welcome people and share their knowledge.  For some reason the selection of quilts has been reduced and the quilters seem to have been put in the corner.  I don’t get it, quilts/quilting is so much more than what little was on display.  My guess is that this is not the quilters doing, not by a long shot.  I do hope the powers that be do a little research on the quilting community in general and restore the quilting/needle arts to a larger area!  The quilt in this photo is by Karen Abramson.

That said we visited the horticulture building shortly after seeing the quilts.  I took a lot of photos of the dahlias.

One of the dahlias reminded me of a Chihuly glass piece.


Ok there was more than one dahlia that reminded me of a Chihuly glass piece:


And probably this one too.

These are just simply amazing flowers and the exhibit was exquisite.


As I looked over the dahlias this deep red, almost black flower caught my attention.  I’m still captivated by the depth of the color.  I almost want to send it off to Superior Threads to see if they have a color just like it that I can get.  It’s so striking and would look great on 3 quilts that I’m currently working on.

I’ll end with this sunset tonight and will update again in a day or two.  Tomorrow is quilt, quilt, quilt!  As we drove home tonight down the every windy Taconic I had an idea for the next round of quilting that I need to get done tomorrow.  I think these beautiful flowers and the sunset inspired me!


Happy Quilting!