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Things with Wings and a lesson learned :-)

Lets start with the lesson learned: going to The Big E mid afternoon on a weekend afternoon is dumb!  Too many people and no way to enjoy anything.  Not happening ever again!  We did leave with a couple of fun experiences  which I’ll share.  We were sitting on a beautiful bench made of reclaimed wood and some guy took our photo with his phone.  He thought he was being discreet but I caught him.  My sweetie and I wear Tilley hats (the link is to the one I wear) to help protect our faces whilst we’re in the sun.  Bright light is one of my migraine triggers and I do try to prevent those as much as possible, particularly when I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks and losing a day to a migraine isn’t a good thing.

Before we left I checked facebook to see where Jackie Kunkles “Things with Wings” quilt show would be in relation to the fair.  It was on the way!  Woohoo.  So we drove there first and I spent a good long while looking at quilts, chatting with Jackie and then Marie Bostwick for a little bit.  Marie is the author of several books with a quilterly theme.  Quilters it’s reading time.  I have several trips coming up so a trip to my local library will be an essential component before my trips.

Vicki Welsh is a quilter I’ve followed in the blog world for a very long time.  Her color palates are exquisite and quilting beautiful.  Vicki shares really good information on the fabric dyeing process.  She had at least 6 pieces in Things with Wings.  Four of Vicki’s quilts are kalkeidoscopes and puzzle quilts based on Paula Nadelsterns books and class she took with Paula.  Vicki’s work is something I will continue to admire for a very, very long time.





Here is a close up of a couple of her quilts.

In a day or two I’ll share more of the quilts from Things with Wings including a silk Victory quilt that is in the collection of Sue Reich.  Sue is one of the keepers of quilterly history that is so essential.

Happy Quilting!



8 thoughts on “Things with Wings and a lesson learned :-)”

  1. First, what is the big E? Also, thanks for the info on Vicki’s blog; I’m going to do some research and find where she wrote about Paula’s work. I had too many things going on this weekend, but a quilt show would have been nice.
    Thanks for taking such great pics.

  2. Thank you for posting the pics, very inspiring! Just a general thought: quilt shows need a new way to hang small quilts. Pinning them to a drape doesn’t really show them to their best advantage…

  3. I so wish I could have gone to the show. It looks like Jackie really did a great job organizing it. I’m glad you like my little quilts. I enjoyed making every single one of them!

  4. Hi Terri, thanks so much for sharing these photo’s of the show – I’m also a great fan of Vicki Welsh, and those mini’s are brilliant. Looks like you had a great time.

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