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Celebrate and quilt back

Twenty years ago my sweetie and I married.  Part of me wonders where the time went and part of me is filled with memories of love, growth and love.  We celebrated with a lovely dinner at Ruths Chris Steakhouse.  I love him now more than ever and am grateful for the gift of himself.  I can not imagine my life without him and am grateful for the gift of quilting which he brought into my life.  Thank you my love!  We went to dinner with our friends last night and they gave us red roses.  Thank you so much dear friends!

These last couple of weeks I’ve been quilting with purpose on things that I can’t yet show.  All will be revealed shortly.  I can show the quilt backs.  The back on the right is rather fun.  I used Superior’s Nature Colors in a shade of pink on the back and Magnifico in a shade of a blue/purple on the front.    I’m quilting for Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero and as I’m quilting for her she’s working on our next show quilt, which will hang in her booth at Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston.  So if you’re going to either please stop by her booth and see the projects I’m working on right now.  I can tell you there will be a tote bag, two pillows, a small one panel Kaleidoscope quilt and a small two panel kaleidoscope quilt made entirely with – oh – I’ll share with you later.

I can share the back with you though.  The front of this is so pretty.  Oh my, it’s pretty.

Once Quilt Market/Festival starts or Jeanie says the word I’ll have a blog post ready to go.  We have some time, I have a bunch of classes and other things going on in the meantime.  A reminder blog will happen in a few days.

In the meantime. . .

Happy Quilting!



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  1. Happy Anniversary! To be married to the love of your life is a major blessing! Can’t wait to see the fronts!

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