A gift

Cancer touches peoples lives in ways that are often inexplicable and devastating.  My dad is gone nearly 6 years, uncle nearly 8.  My friend Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer while we were working on the quilt show.

Every time in the quilt world when a cancer diagnosis is mentioned, the quilters rally round with a hug – a quilt made quickly and with love, care and concern that let’s the person know how much they’re loved.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch and participate in.

Melly and I’d known each other a short amount of time when Leslie Jenison guest blogged with Melly’s breast cancer diagnosis.

We’d recently laughed and carried on at a Mexican Restaurant with Elizabeth, so much so that a cross look from a nearby table sent us hysterical bringing on further dirty looks.  Its one of those days in life that are forever in my heart.  When you have a friend like Melly you have a friend.

Melly is well into recovery now and is full of life and joy.  Melly is doing something truly beautiful making breast pockets in honor of women (and men) who have had a single or double mastectomy.  Check out what she’s doing here.  Before I leave for my trip to Houston I’ll make a breast pocket or two in honor of Melly.

Love you Melly!


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  1. I was having chemo nine years ago……for breast cancer……..lumpectomy………only part of one breast. Each day is a gift……

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