*Breast Cancer* and our Friends

These photos depict a project made for Melly Testa. Melly chose to remain flat after a double mastectomy for breast cancer. She wrote Dreaming from the Journal Page while undergoing treatment. Jake Finch's, Publisher of Generation Q Magazine, shared most of her journey on Mama Makes Quilts. Her experience went from "hey this is going… Continue reading *Breast Cancer* and our Friends

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Character: explored beauty

Melanie Testa is by far one of the most joyful, and thoughtful quilters I've ever met. A beautiful, creative soul. One of my most treasured memories is having lunch with her and Elizabeth, we were on the receiving end of some seriously disapproving looks from because we were laughing so much. This still brings a… Continue reading Character: explored beauty

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Monday, Monday

Monday will be the last day to enter to win some of Melanie's fabric Meadowlark by Windham. Then you get to make a quilt. or a bag or a purse or a wall hanging or a. . .     PS - I've updated the lecture/workshop page... I added a presentation - If the Foot… Continue reading Monday, Monday



Joyful. Fun!  Free Charming Are words that I'd use to describe Meadowlark, Melly Testa's line by Windham. I've been privileged to have gotten my hot little hands on images of the line months ago. Squeeeeee, talk about one of those sneak peeks that just make ya silly happy. I designed a whole series of quilts… Continue reading Meadowlark

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Breast Pockets for Melly

Well, a breast pocket for Melly. It all started this morning when I wanted to avoid a bit of stuff I need to do.  I can put it off til tomorrow anyway. I also declared today a jammies day and an extra coffee day.  All in all a good day. I hooped up some orange… Continue reading Breast Pockets for Melly


A gift

Cancer touches peoples lives in ways that are often inexplicable and devastating.  My dad is gone nearly 6 years, uncle nearly 8.  My friend Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer while we were working on the quilt show. Every time in the quilt world when a cancer diagnosis is mentioned, the quilters rally round with a hug… Continue reading A gift