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I volunteered to help hang the show today, it’s hard work and Cathy Wiggins is well organized!  162 Judged quilts, Wearables, and 2 special exhibits were hung while the vendors were bringing all their amazing stuff in!  I knew I’d won something, but wasn’t sure which quilt, I had 3 in the show. I behaved myself for the most part, I did ask Janet-Lee and Cathy but tight lipped.  The winning quilts are displayed so that both side of the quilt can be viewed.

Remember back in August when I picked out all of that metallic stitching?

Well I think the end result might be well worth the effort!  Here is the front of Tilde.  I’ve shown bits and pieces over the last few weeks.  Snippets here and there, close up but not anything that would really show the entire thing.  Keith Dommer pieced this exquisite top.  The center is Sharon Schambers Fresno block (used with permission).  Keith designed the rest of the quilt around this motif, exploring the shape of the tilde.

It was truly an honor to quilt Tilde.

I enjoy the process of working with other quilters, there is something about this that brings a certain sense of joy.

I did tell Keith that if he wanted me to requilt any part of this I would be happy to do so.

The blue ribbon tells me with clear certainty that I don’t need to requilt anything.

A little about the quilt – Keith’s applique is intense and accurate and well, he has a damn good sense of color.

I used a single layer of Hobbs Tuscany Wool Batting.

And then there is the thread – MasterPiece, So Fine, Bottom Line, King Tut, Metallic and Magnifico were all used in this quilt.

I have a few more quilts to share but will do so later tomorrow evening as I have a few more I want to shoot.

Happy Quilting!


8 thoughts on “Tilde”

  1. Teri, the quilt is beautiful! Congratulations to both you and Keith on the blue ribbon! 🙂

  2. You go girl ! I have the feeling that your quilting journey if coming together. I think some of us feel like giving up at times but watching you grow to where you are now has been a beautiful experience for me. There is no telling where your talents are going from here and I hope you contnue to share them with us. BIG HUGS and CONGRATULATIONS !

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