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I don’t always remember to take pictures in my classrooms.  Truth is I get busy with my students and forget that the camera is in my pocket.  They do good work and it deserves to be featured!  I did get to be a student this week as well.  I took Karen McTavish’s class  Mastering the Art of McTavishing.  It’s such an honor to take a class with her and I made a point of it knowing that, at least for now, she’s “retiring” from the teaching circuit.  I learned so much from her on the development and process of McTavishing.

I sat in the back of the class next to Karen Zimmerman, the Janome Educator and tried to stay out of trouble.  Karen is quite delightful and I am hoping to see her in Houston.  In both classes I taught in her room she very nicely demonstrated a stretching technique that Karen McTavish shared in her room that I will be sharing with students in every class.  And you’ll just have to take a class with me to see what that is!

On Friday afternoon Jim Smith told me he almost bought me a pair of socks.  All week long I wore highlighter color socks.  Lots of people were getting a big kick out of them.  Susan dared me to wear 2 different colors on the same day.  I did. 🙂 it was fun.  Jim found some pink & green socks heehee, I would wear them!

Here is Donna Morales-Oemig from Follow That Thread/Aurifil.

She’s very fun to hang out with and look at all that beautiful thread!  OH MY!  I love thread and Aurifil is one of the best!

and do you see what was right across from her?

Sew Batik and all of that beautiful, beautiful batik cotton, rayon and flannel.  How do you stare at that booth all week and not buy anything?  Neither one of us resisted.


There will be more later in the week.  I need to start getting ready to work.  Click here for a list of winners from MQX West.  There is some amazing talent and I’m honored to be on the list with Keith.


Happy Quilting!



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