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Free Motion Quilt Challenge & More MQX Quilts

SewCalGal emailed me the sweetest link the other day Joan at Leschenault made a video of the nautilus shell in my tutorial on the SewCalGal Free Motion Quilt Challenge.  Thank you Joan!   I’ll have a bonus tutorial in December that should be kinda fun.

As I worked with my students at MQX I encouraged several to enter either the Rookie or Emerging Entrants categories.  There is some serious talent out there in the quilt world.  Spend time at your machines, find your comfort zone and stitch to your hearts content.  Work through the frustration and ask questions.  Use the good batting and thread to practice!  It makes a huge difference.

This off the hook quilt is by Linda V. Taylor, it really speaks to my heart of the serendipity of the quilting world.

This one by Kelly Kreft reminds me of Split Complimenterity.  I love the use of color here.

And then there is this magnificent dessert.  I’m in need of a bib just thinking about it.

This is the back of Janet Stones quilt…hmmn, where’s the front?

Phew! I found it.  I see blue.

And here is Sherry Reynolds amazing quilt!  The quilting on here is outstanding.

I love BJ’s quilts.

I can not quite get over Laurie Tigner, I really admire this because it’s all silver lame.

The detail work on this is well planned out and beautiful.  Laurie has a deep sense of iconography and quilting, the combination really draws me in.

Work on what you love!


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  1. Gail, MQX has a very broad base of domestic, mid arm and long arm quilters entering the show. In this particular post there are at least domestic and long arm quilters. Janet Stone and Sherry Reynolds both quilt on their domestic machines and very large quilts at that. I quilt on my domestic. Linda Taylor quilts on a long arm and I’m not sure about Kelly Kreft.

    Tilde, pieced by Keith Dommer and quilted by me was quilted on my Bernina 1080

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