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GenQ editor gets a response from Times Free Press

Drew Johnson – who wrote the original  unsigned editorial in the on the Times Free Press responded to Jake Finch editor of the very new, very cool Generation Q Magazine..  The response can be read here.  Please go read this before reading further.

Maddie Kertay of Domestic Anarchy responded to Jake’s post on the GenQ facebook page, knows this editors bent on arts and arts education is skewed towards not funding them.  He states clearly that in his view quilting is a hobby and should not be funded by our tax monies.  He sets aside the historical significance and import to this country and how much we quilters contribute to the tax coffers.  He seems to be consistent in his views as to what should and shouldn’t be funded in what he views as “hobby” museums, kudos to Drew for his consistency.  At least there’s that.

As I mulled this over for the last couple of days one song kept cropping up “Flowers are Red” by Harry Chapin.

One point that I think Drew is missing is that as a quilt maker I get the artistry of vehicles, factories (i.e. Thomas Edison), museums dedicated to particular authors, music, baseball.  Am I going to visit all of these museums?  Mmmmm, probably not however I would not withhold public funding for these museums.  Each one of these museums holds historical import, in a way that not only means something to the individuals who would visit these museums but for our country as well.  These stand as part of our culture.  These museums and halls of fame hold onto a component of our national identity, our growth as a country.  It is unrealistic to think that by withholding public funding that private investors would magically step forward.

Why do I point out the Harry Chapin song?  I think that most quilters, most people in reading the lyrics would understand.  This goes to appreciating the beauty of what is held within the parks and museums.  To help Drew I think I may send him a bundle of fat quarters, a pattern, needle and thread and ask that he just try the process of quilting.  You see to understand the process of quilting we must understand a few things:

1) math & geometry as these are the basis of structured and unstructured quilting

2) color and how it works – and not just the “red and green” of flowers

3) spatial relation

4) emotional response

5) economics

6) problem solving & critical thinking

I could go on and on.  I won’t.  After reading Drew’s response I don’t think he’ll change his mind.  I will email him myself.  Not so much to give him the time of day but express my condolences on the loss of his personal imagination and critical thinking.

Thank you to the founders and directors of all quilt related Museums.  I am very grateful for your hard work and dedication to the art of quilting.  I’m grateful to be a quilter and quilting educator.

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “GenQ editor gets a response from Times Free Press”

  1. Well said! I don’t think the editorial writer will change his opinions….unless he took a trip to Paducah and discussed with the chamber of commerce the importance of quilting to that town!

  2. This article brings my attention to a group in our Guild who detest supporting the New England Quilt Museum. “What do they do for us” is one rationale given. I wasn’t sure about Federal funding, and this article sealed the deal when referring to Solyndra, and while we’re at it the bank bailouts, pork projects in states, and on and on.. We are a nation tearing down beautiful architectural buildings and putting up “crap” in its place. We don’t care about history, we have gotten too hip for that.

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