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GenQ editor gets a response from Times Free Press

Drew Johnson - who wrote the original  unsigned editorial in the on the Times Free Press responded to Jake Finch editor of the very new, very cool Generation Q Magazine..  The response can be read here.  Please go read this before reading further. Maddie Kertay of Domestic Anarchy responded to Jake's post on the GenQ facebook page,… Continue reading GenQ editor gets a response from Times Free Press

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Response to “Museum Needles Taxpayers”

This article was published Thursday November 15, 2012 in the Times Free Press of Chattanooga TN.  The writer has some serious misinformation regarding quilting in general and more specifically the International Quilt Study Center & Museum. One event immediately came to mind as I read the article: Quilted Northern came up with what is essentially… Continue reading Response to “Museum Needles Taxpayers”