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Reminder of the Blog give away and. . .

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staten island sunset mostly full viewBetween now and May a few very exciting things are happening.

I’ll have an article published in Quilting Arts Magazine.

A challenge quilt will be published in another magazine and exhibited in a quilt show.

I’m working on an article with another quilter which should be very fun.

I have a couple of fun teaching gigs.

Keith Dommer sent me a quilt that I’ll share on the blog shortly.

And in the next few months I’m going to seriously work on a number of quilts that have been waiting for my attention including Staten Island Sunset and a couple of other potential competition quilts.  And then my class samples need to be redone and reworked.  Wheee!

I’m setting aside time to write, not just blog, but write.  I’ve been talking about writing a book for about 3 years already and now is the time to go ahead and just get it done.

Happy Quilting!



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