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cheddar orange. . .who knew?

004Well, someone knew.

Back in 2003 or 2004,  I went to Lancaster for the first time for the Quilters Heritage Celebration a quilter quilted cheddar orange cotton.  I remember saying aloud this quilter was crazy.  Another quilter said she’s brave.  I’m inclined to agree with the 2nd quilter.  Well now I am, back then I still thought quilts needed to look a certain way, have a certain feel, be hand quilted and use cotton batting in order to be a quilt.  Yes, dear friends, I admit to being a bit of a quilt snob.  I still have certain quilt snobbery tendencies for my quilts and my quilts alone.

Oh my how times have changed.  I’m in love with orange.  I’m so in love with orange that when this cheddar orange came through the quilt shop the other day I immediately purchased 3/4 yard and 3/4 yard of the purple with red undertones.  Yes I did and I can hardly wait to get stitching.

I may even come up with a plan.

Oh pick up your chin off the floor, wipe the coffee off the monitor (or wine if its evening).  Yes I can plan quilts.   I can hardly wait to share with you a quilt that is planfully unplanned.  Planfully unplanned, hmmm…what do I mean by that?  When I get to quilting the cheddar and the purple I’m going to create structures and blog the journey of quilting.  In the meantime I’m back to paperwork.

Happy quilting!


001PS – Quilting Arts has hit the stands!

The article is on pages 79 & 80.

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  1. O.k., never knew you were a former hand quilter!! I’ve always loved cheddar but only considered using it in repro or amish style projects rather than contemporary ones. Methinks it’s time to broaden that thinking, .

    Will definitely look out for the issue and article.

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