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Editors and Publishers Day

Welcome to the 2017 Edition of Editors and Publishers Day 16 December 2017 This day started a few years ago to honor the editors and publishers who work so hard to make the publishing world go round. As a writer please accept my assurances that a good editor will hear the voice of the one… Continue reading Editors and Publishers Day

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cheddar orange. . .who knew?

Well, someone knew. Back in 2003 or 2004,  I went to Lancaster for the first time for the Quilters Heritage Celebration a quilter quilted cheddar orange cotton.  I remember saying aloud this quilter was crazy.  Another quilter said she's brave.  I'm inclined to agree with the 2nd quilter.  Well now I am, back then I… Continue reading cheddar orange. . .who knew?

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Quilting Arts April May Issue

See this cover? <---- this one right here? I have an article in this magazine on quilting Faux Suede. I started quilting faux suede several years ago because it's pretty (I have a love of solid color fabrics), durable and at the time I needed a new pocket book as the one I'd been carrying… Continue reading Quilting Arts April May Issue

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Modern Quilt and Serendipity As Well

But not necessarily in that order. Here is the finished Serendipity As Well.  I popped it into the mail yesterday and by the end of the week it should be in MA, it's new home.  When I started Serendipity As Well the intention was to make a small quilt for Pokey Bolton's new office at… Continue reading Modern Quilt and Serendipity As Well

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Quilting Arts Feb/Mar issue

I'm so excited to share with you that I have an article on effective practice for machine quilters in this issue of Quilting Arts.  I can hardly wait to see it.  Well, I've seen the article it self, but in context of the issue itself and the other articles in the issue. I sent in… Continue reading Quilting Arts Feb/Mar issue

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Journaling with Natalya Aikens

I had the privilege of meeting and spending some time with art quilter Natalya Aikens last summer when we were at the taping of series 500 of Quilting Arts TV.  Natalya taped episode 509 with Pokey Bolton and taped a workshop called "texture transformation". Natalya posted last week that she was a teensy bit scared… Continue reading Journaling with Natalya Aikens

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Due to timing I'm going to have to be pictureless on this post. . . I am quite delighted to learn that I'm featured on the EQ Blog!  Some of the quilts I've been playing with and dreaming about are featured on this blog.  Thank you folks so much!  I have a winding ways quilt… Continue reading Quilting


International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene

Nancy from the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck called this afternoon letting me know that "Quilt Scene" arrived today.  When I told my sweetie we had to take the trip there to pick up a copy. *Edit* a friend pointed out that I forgot to mention that I wrote an article on machine quilting tips for… Continue reading International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene

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As I mentioned in my last post I'm heading to Ohio at the end of August to film a segment on Quilting Arts TV.  I'm still excited about that.  Didn't mention though, that I'm also writing a machine quilting tips and hints article for Quilt Scene, a special edition of Quilting Arts Magazine for the… Continue reading Working….working