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We always wondered!

Who dad would call on April 1st and get over on.  Dad owned April Fool’s Day was his favorite holiday of the year!  The groans of, “Oh Dad!” would follow his phone calls or emails.   And even though we’d think he won’t get over on me next year, the next April Fool’s Day came around with a familiar, “Oh Dad!”

Red Rose by George Harris Aug 2006
Red Rose by George Harris Aug 2006

It was fitting that on this day, in 2007, he passed away, at home with his wife and my sister with him.  My step mom called that morning and I was flying low to get there and had made a little over half the journey when my sister called.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, oh anytime of the year really were opportunities for the Rotten Poet to pen something pithy and share it with his favorite people in the world – his kids and friends.

The  Rotten Poet call Teri on her latest birthday
Which she celebrated in many a happy way.
One of the topics we covered, wouldn’t ya know it.
Was why Teri didn’t respond to the Thanksgiving poet.
She said that with her advancing years
Trying to write poetry brings her to tears.
The mind is really the first thing to go
And that is why this year she’s so slow.
So if all of her kin folk would send words that inspire
She would sit and think and not even perspire.
So make the poem just totally inane
So that she wants to hit you with her cane.

George Harris 2005

Rainbow October 2005George Harris
Rainbow October 2005
George Harris

T’was the night before Christmas
The house was tidy and neat.
Santa came down the chimney
Landing softly on his boot clad feet.
Before setting about putting
gifts under the tree.
He looked to learn what his snack would be.
Cookies and milk sat
on a near by table top.
The last house left fudge
Made by the wife of a cop
He had eaten pies of pumpkin and mince
And sandwiches made from all sorts of meats.
Each and every stop
Left him different treats.
He finished each goodie
And at my house he stopped and used the can
The first call on my new cell phone
Will be to the busy Roto-Rooter Man

George Harris 2004

Donut PickingSeptember 2004
George Harris
Donut Picking
September 2004
George Harris

What I continue to love about his Rotten Poetry is that the emails would fly with more poetry from other friends and members of family, the love and the laughter.  Oh my goodness would we laugh!

And then in going through his emails last night I found a note from him loving this song, “Do You Believe in Magic?”

because he saw the magic in his girls (kids) hearts!

Dad believed in magic and joy and encouraging people.  Later today I will drink a bottle of  Coke in his memory and in his honor, find the joy in this day!

Happy Quilting!



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