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Easter, Life and New Classes

kal jelly 1Happy Easter.

Easter is a season of hope, new life and joy.

Spring is a season of hope, new life and joy.

Having my colors “done” helps me to appreciate even more the two seasons that I just adore during the year.  Spring and Autumn.  When reviewing the photos that I take these two seasons appear most frequently and with great joy.  Summer and winter, eh.  But spring and autumn, oh the richness of color and the beauty that they bring.  On my way to work there is one spot on the highway that I’d love to just stop and photograph every trip during the fall, unfortunately for me there’s no good place to stop and with the vehicles traveling at high rates of speed it’s downright dangerous.  As I write I can see this place and joy washes over me anew.

Spring is the same way I’m enjoying watching the hyacinths poke up from the ground, tulips and the mums are starting to green up.  I’m anxious to see the snowball and see if it’s still white or will come color creep into the petals of the flowers.

The days are getting lighter, with a palpable subtlety.

This quilterly year is bringing new life and I’m enjoying seeing what’s popping up.  Within a week or so I’ll put my brochure up on line.

I’m working on a few new classes:

Twisted Journey from inspiration to whole cloth – I love to quilt so essentially this and the Beginner class are my favorites.

I’m also needing a title for a class I’d like to call “Quilted Subtlety – how to play second fiddle well”

The third class I’m working on is called “A Quickstart guide to improving machine Quilting”

As you’ve seen I’ve been playing with Kaleidoscope Kreator 3.  I’m going to have a chat with Jeanie to work out some teaching ideas some classes.

With all of my classes there will either be kits or thread kits available.

On Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll be announcing a give away on my facebook page.

Happy Quilting!


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