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In a bit of fun

His and Hers
His and Hers

In an upcoming episode I’m going to share with you a photo of the floor in my sewing room underneath my new chair.  But for now I thought I’d share this photo of my husband and me.  Setting up this shot was a bit tricky.  dance bang head 1752

After so many years of faithful and loving service I needed to let go of my very favorite Ripple Pottery coffee mug.  The one posing here on the right, in the sun, in all its thread surrounded glory.  Some time ago I managed to crack the handle on the mug.  It’s sad I know.  We’ve been good friends over the years sharing many cups of coffee, the occasional lapsang souchong and the odd hot chocolate.  Letting that mug go was sad, so sad.  And now I’m thinking it would have been the perfect addition to my sewing room to hold something, anything to keep it in service.  But alas, it is gone and my heart is heavy.

Pressed into service for the long haul is the “New England Quilt Festival” mug which holds 20 ounces of any beverage.  This is a great addition to my morning coffee routine.  When posing the mugs for the shot I placed them on the shelf where they are stored, over the coffee pot in the kitchen with the logo on the front.  The back of the mug says, “I’d rather be stitchin’ than in the kitchen” truer words were never spoken and particularly from my lips.  My husband is the better cook, well organized and cleans up as he cooks.  And darn it the food rocks! 

His mug is on the left, kinda tall and on the thinner side and my new mug is on the right shorter and on the ample side looking all quilterly.  So this could one day possibly maybe end up as a quilt “portrait of a couple”.

It seems the a particular pen company has come out with a new pen, just for her.  What’s better is the comments.  Have fun reading

A fun bit from a quilt show the other day. 

hand dyed fabric 002I was actually Megged (a term for another quilter getting you to purchase fabric that you weren’t intending to purchase) by the gal working in the Dyeing 2 Sew booth.  I had the orange and pink fat quarters and then she showed me the purple and in a moment of inspired weakness I could just see “Moon Over Manhattan” revisited. 


Go quilt your world!


5 thoughts on “In a bit of fun”

  1. Teri – you and I have more in common….it too love pottery mugs, and especially the shape of the now retired/disappeared mug…it is sad. Mine was a beautiful shade of green ( I love green) and then she got a chip in the lip area so now she sits next to my sewing machine holding my tweezers, hera marker, awl.
    Have a great day!

  2. You’re so cute! The mugs as portrait make me smile. Also, I never met Meg, but am glad to see that her name lives on as a verb. I describe it as being shown what you had not realized you NEED.

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