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Cutting-Edge Art Quilts by Mary W. Kerr

978-0-7643-4313-1Mary Kerr announced on facebook the other day that her book, “Cutting Edge Art Quilts” has been released and should be in book stores later this week.  I’m so excited for her.  In the middle of writing this book her Beebops were born prematurely and the book was put on hold while she spent several months with her daughter and son-in-love helping care for those precious little ones.  In spite of being born prematurely they are remarkably healthy and full of life!

And now this book is here and I’m privileged to be one of the contributors to this book.  Four of my quilts are in here with part of my story as a quilter.Thank you Mary and Schiffer for inviting me to participate and publishing my work and the work of so many other quilters.
I can hardly wait to get my copies of the book.  The list of quilters includes: Mickey DePre, Sarah Ann Smith, BJ Titus, Kathie Briggs, Desiree Habicht, Gloria Hansen, Mary Vaneeke, Lea McComas and so many more.

One of the quilts we submitted had to be an original piece.  I hemmed and hawed so long I almost didn’t make the due date!  Part of the procrastination involved that whole internal “worthiness” conversation.  You know the one where the voices in your head repeatedly and vociferously proclaim, “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!” Yah, those voices.  An email from Mary early that week shifted my focus and “Serendipity” happened.


Go quilt your world!


2 thoughts on “Cutting-Edge Art Quilts by Mary W. Kerr”

  1. congratulations! I have ordered my copy! Can’t wait to see those beautiful pieces of art!

  2. Huge congrats to you!!!! We all have those “demon” voices in our heads and they must be pushed aside! Think of it as “sharing” and we all love it when there is “sharing” time!!!! Hugs, Doreen

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