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It wasn’t all bad

dance bang head 1975
(c) Teri Lucas 2013
dance bang head 1948
(c) Teri Lucas 2013

In the middle of that experience of being completely drained a there were a couple of amazing things that happened that have helped to restore my sanity.  Long conversations with a couple of friends!  I know this term is overused in some sense, but these were priceless.  In the midst of these “Bang Head Here” was quilted one day.  Funny thing is this was supposed to be another quilt entirely (see the quilting on the right).  I love the feel of rayon and the look of the black batik rayon from Sew Batik just makes my heart go pitter pat.  I’d started some stitching on the rayon and realized that I had not basted it well enough.  I may just finish stitching this and see what happens when. . .

I also wrote the potential forward to what I hope will be a book.  This moment of gratitude had me thinking about how I want to be as a quilter.  I am grateful for all of those quilters who have influenced me and the ones I’m privileged enough to teach.  It was during this time that I changed the tagline from “quilting is a beautiful and complicated art” to “giving quilters permission to do whatever they want since 2008”.  

(c) Teri Lucas
(c) Teri Lucas

Ultimately I needed time to think, review and think some more.  I’m grateful for the time that allows me to do that.  Over thinking is sometimes a good thing.  Sounds odd right?!  It’s finally allowing me to get out of the way and let a few things just happen.  And I’m grateful for that.  My schedule over the summer and into the fall is light and this is giving me time to work on a few quilts (one for a competition), write and quilt samples.  As I sit here I can see in my minds eye the next two quilts that I want to make, hmmm, make that 3.  Yep, 3 for sure.

I have to remember to take process pictures for the proposal.  The photo to the left is one of samples I’m working on.  The fabric is part of an 8 step gray gradation from Cherrywood.  I’m also planning on using Radiance, batik rayon and silk for this project covering a wide range of fabrics used for quilt making.  Yay! 
 If you’re ever in a creative slump I encourage heartily the following:
chat with friends and other quilter

purchase pretty fabrics purchase gorgeous thread
 try new batting
 get a new coffee/tea mug
 take lots of pictures of things that inspire you
 teach someone
 wallow for a little while
 read my blog and every quilterly blog you can find
 read great quilterly articles
 feel free to walk away for a bit
 wear mismatched socks

Now go quilt your world!


10 thoughts on “It wasn’t all bad”

  1. This is a GREAT post!!!! It got me nodding in agreement, chuckling ‘cuz I’ve been there and’s ok to “over think”!!!!! You are one “kindred spirit”….uber hugs, Doreen

  2. What an awesome list! You are such an amazing gal! What Doreen said times a million!!!!!

  3. Teri, thank you for this great post. I appreciate your friendship and your blog so much. I think the games in the quilting world, or any world for that matter take the fun and joy out of what we love to do. We have to remember to just be ourselves and do what makes us happy, and if we are passionate about something it will show, and work itself out.

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