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2020 Word of the Year

The other day I picked up the Teresa Duryea Wong book Magic & Memories: 45 Years of International Quilt Festival as I'll review it soon. Quilt Festival is so much part of our quilting culture now that it's hard to imagine quilting life without this annual event. It is without a doubt a, with this… Continue reading 2020 Word of the Year

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Expressing Gratitude

For quite a while now I've been trying to thank people, quilters most specifically, who are just special to me in some kind of way. People who have waited on me, checked out my groceries, answered phone calls, any kind of customer service experience. Gratitude, like kindness, an affordable luxury. Taking time for gratitude and… Continue reading Expressing Gratitude

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Word of the Year and a little more

  Gratitude is my word of the year for 2017. Contemplating over the last few weeks what the Word of the Year might be "gratitude" kept coming to mind in the midst of many other words. Creating a word cloud seemed appropriate and fun. There may be a few words added as the year goes… Continue reading Word of the Year and a little more

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2017 Word of the Year

Quite frankly seeing the back of 2016 is something of a relief. 2016 has kind of kicked me in the shins repeatedly, been a bit of a bully, and needs to end. A friend from high school posted a link to a list of who passed away this year. Many I knew about, many I… Continue reading 2017 Word of the Year


Moment of Gratitude, Tuesday style

Glorious Ever changing Sunset How do I love you? Richness Beauty Autumnal Light pouring forth There are moments of great beauty at end of day, as the earth spins on her axis "setting" the sun, and "raising" said sun somewhere out there. I'm grateful for sunsets. I'm grateful for 2 whole days of quilting later… Continue reading Moment of Gratitude, Tuesday style

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It's Thanksgiving week. I'm grateful for so much from family to quilting. I'm grateful for time with friends quilting, long time, and newer. I'm grateful for spring and autumn, the colors of these seasons influence much in my world. I'm grateful for winter and summer that they lead to autumn and spring. I'm grateful for… Continue reading Gratitude

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Thank you!

Waking up early has it's benefits. I'm sitting at my dining room table sipping coffee, looking out my kitchen window and watching a beautiful sunrise creep up over the trees and telephone wires. The winter colors are much more subtle than summer but beautiful and inspiring none the less. Color ranging from a light to… Continue reading Thank you!