Expressing Gratitude

For quite a while now I’ve been trying to thank people, quilters most specifically, who are just special to me in some kind of way. People who have waited on me, checked out my groceries, answered phone calls, any kind of customer service experience. Gratitude, like kindness, an affordable luxury. Taking time for gratitude and kindness, even when faced with some icky things, is worthy of time and talent. It’s so easy in a retail environment (not that I’m in one right this very moment) to overlook gratitude and kindness when things all around us are busy, frenetic, hectic, or we’re tired, or overwhelmed. And yet these very traits will help to see us through those moments.

“Thank you, I don’t often hear this. I appreciate the feed back” she responded when I expressed gratitude and appreciation.

Expressing gratitude with this particular person only took three minutes. Three minutes that would gladly be given again. Three minutes that genuinely made her day.

Now to go back to quilting. I started this yesterday

@sewbatik my view right now. #bernina #quilting #terilucasquilts

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and had to spend a couple of hours ripping out stitches.

Idance bang head 1975‘ll be posting  on instagram @terilucas later this today.

Happy Quilting!



Word of the Year and a little more



Gratitude is my word of the year for 2017. Contemplating over the last few weeks what the Word of the Year might be “gratitude” kept coming to mind in the midst of many other words. Creating a word cloud seemed appropriate and fun. There may be a few words added as the year goes on simply for the exercise in thinking this over. 2016 has presented a lot of personal challenges, some of which have kept me from pursing teaching quilting in the way that I would love to do. I’m grateful for this as it has given me time to reflect on the classes, descriptions, and how I’m getting the word out. I’m still working on the wording but feel free to check them out here.

lunar eclipse blood moon
Ever inspired by the moon, the Robert Kaufman Radiance is pressed, and sitting on my ironing board. Eagerly  awaiting for the time to select batting, thread, and get started stitching. 

As much as I disliked pushing the pause button on a couple of major “I really want/need to do this” things in 2016, I’m grateful that the door is still open to them when time is available. Knowing that pushing pause left the door open didn’t make the decisions easy, nor did that lessen the angst about growing the career I’ve wanted in quilting for a long time. Expressing a desire to give up to a good friend recently, helped me to realize that giving up isn’t something I want to do. Quilt teacher brain kicked in this morning with a “hey! have you thought of offering this?” This is a two or three day class that begins with inspiration, goes through drawing/doodling, fabric, batting, and thread choices, and ends with a quilt. This feels like a bit of a feat, however I think presented retreat style, a class like this might will work.

2017 may present some time to finish a couple of things that have been in my sewing room for a while. One of them I know I’ll need to get thread for, oh darn, right?! This one has the request for glow in the dark thread. I’ll get cones. Shocked? Yeah, me neither. The other two are for amazingly special people in my life. One for a long time friend, who started the blocks years ago and asked me to finish it for her. The other that I designed for one of my nieces, working on it intermittently. This will open the way for other quilts that are rattling around in my brain. And maybe quilts that will lead to being able to pick up one of the projects that I needed to drop.

I’m grateful for my sweetie. The ever supportive, and willing to stop at any quilt shop along the route. Twenty-four plus years gives a lot of counting of the ways and I just love him.

So, I welcome 2017 with my arms as wide open as possible, with gratitude. I look forward to further reflection on 2016, growing in gratitude in 2017 and the journey forward.

Happy Quilting!



2017 Word of the Year

IMG_20160806_065917_resizedQuite frankly seeing the back of 2016 is something of a relief. 2016 has kind of kicked me in the shins repeatedly, been a bit of a bully, and needs to end. A friend from high school posted a link to a list of who passed away this year. Many I knew about, many I didn’t. A few shocked me as I didn’t know. One of my favorite Babylon 5 actors, Jerry Doyle. I admit that I sat here trying to figure out how to binge watch this show.
Ten more days. Being a bit of a realist things won’t magically change with the turn of a calendar page at midnight on December 31st. As the final pages of 2016 go by there are a few rays of hope for 2017 that are shining through. One of my favorite vendors is sending a two color quilt for me to quilt that will hang in their booth. Maybe I can get the other piece I started for them quilted and send them both at the same time. We’ll see about that one.

Supernova Jeanie
Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero’s kit by Hoffman Fabrics

I have three quilts that have been with me for years that I’d like to finish. They belong with other people and are taking up floor, head, and heart space that might be better used in other ways.

So I’ve been thinking about 2017 goals:

Better writing – I get to work with Melissa and Jake as editors and mentors. I rely on them a lot for editing my work, however I’d like to make their work easier and hone the skill-set, making their work easier and my work better. This also means getting a couple of backlogged things done.

Stronger class descriptions – this is something I’ve been thinking a lot about, and need to work on.

???????????????????????????????I am a member of a couple of organizations that will help with professional development. It’s time to make better use of the tools they offer.

There are a couple of words that are in serious contention for the 2017 word of the year. Quilt is one – kind of obvious but doesn’t give a whole lot of direction. Machine quilt, piece quilts? Focus on making art? Grow – I’ll admit that this has potential. Good potential and as a focus word gives direction. Gratitude, kind of leaning in this direction and has the bonus of being a grounding word. Then there’s Finish. Ahh and we see leanings in this direction all ready. Finishing is a good thing. Thoughts of a word cloud are coming to mind. Lots of words, different fonts, sizes, and colors. All part of a greater focus. Ooooo Focus! Another serious contender.

I do love words. And quilts. I love quilts. And quilty friends are the best.

Happy Quilting!




It’s Thanksgiving week.
I’m grateful for so much from family to quilting.
autumn in the bronx 003I’m grateful for time with friends quilting, long time, and newer.
I’m grateful for spring and autumn, the colors of these seasons influence much in my world.
I’m grateful for winter and summer that they lead to autumn and spring.
I’m grateful for my Sweetie, who holds my hand and encourages me along the way.
I’m grateful for feet that have adjusted to working on concrete once again.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak with quilters, the opportunity to teach, learn, and gain insight into the career I’ve chosen.
I’m grateful for the opportunities to teach. Yes, this is a repeat but teaching brings me such joy.
I’m grateful for fabric, thread, sewing machines and the freedom and joy in exploring what else I can do.

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I love sunsets and will show you one that just knocked my socks off Sunday evening.

#berninalove #bernina #b790 #superiorthreads

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I’m thankful for sewing machines and thread and inspiration that feeds my creative side.

I’m just thankful for so very much. The gratitude goes so much deeper. It’s not so hard to explain or express…it’s just challenging to know when it’s time to end. Happy Thanksgiving Week.

Happy Quilting!


Thank you!

fridge words

Waking up early has it’s benefits. I’m sitting at my dining room table sipping coffee, looking out my kitchen window and watching a beautiful sunrise creep up over the trees and telephone wires. The winter colors are much more subtle than summer but beautiful and inspiring none the less. Color ranging from a light to mid gray into peach and orange against the black of the trees. Sigh. This is why I love sunrise and sunset. It’s full of color that makes me happy. While I would have preferred to sleep this morning enjoying coffee and the sunrise bring a smile to my face and get me thinking about quilting.

I have magnetic words on my fridge. Have for years. Every once in a while I notice them and rearrange them. As I did so this morning the thought came to mind that I’d like to get a magnetic board for the quilt room and have words on there to rearrange an play with. That’s a some day, down the road kind of want. words on fridge writer

The image on the left is the current arrangement of some of the inspiring words. The image on the right is more editorial type words from some company. I find it rather amusing that these words fit one component of my quilting life that I just love: content, branding, style, words, print, copy, proposal, create. I can tell you this I love Melissa and Jake and every editor I’ve worked with over the last few years. So much so that I personally declare Tuesday December 16 National Publisher and Editor Day. If you’re a writer of any sort send your publisher and editor a Thank you note, in a text, an email, hand written, on their facebook wall.

thank youAs we get closer to the end of 2014 I would like to take this opportunity to

Thank You

for reading TerfiCreations.

I am grateful that you stop by and read the words I write. Thank you for coming along on this Journey of quilt making.

Happy Quilting!


A deeper sense of Gratitude

Quantum Leap for blog
Quantum Leap photo by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero

Here I am at Quilt Market, the trade show for the industry. This is where all of the new and trendy stuff just is. I’ve been posting pics of facebook for both Generation Q Magazine and myself. To say that I am having fun would be an understatement. To say that I’m working hard would be an understatement. My feet ache, my arms are sore and my mind is swimming and my heart full.

badge with author ribbon
Here’s the big news

While today is the final day of Market there are moments of generosity that took my breath away and moved me to tears. Yep, tears.
it’s hard to say thank you for a gift of art from a cancer survivor
the gift of joy from another cancer survivor
the gift of generosity and kindness and concern for how others are treated
the generosity of teachers and shop owners and vendors.

the “welcome to the family!” from an unexpected source and

the joy of explaining “Days for Girls” As soon as I have the time, I’ll write more about this and how GenQ  is organizing an event to help out this organization,

I finished Quantum Leap. Barely. Just in time for Jeanie to be able to hang it in her booth. It’ll come back to me eventually so that I can bind it again and for a little tweaking. Overall I love this quilt. We had our moments let me tell you.

And for my big news.

I am going to write a book.
Yep. I know a few of you have guessed this. I was waiting to share this wee bit of news for a  bit longer but when Roxane Cerda said, “hey go get your author ribbon at the C&T booth” I realized that this is time to just admit it and get down to the business of writing.

I am so stinkin’ excited. This is with the company that I have always wanted to pitch and work with. There are a lot of great companies out there that would be fabulous to work with but this, this is the dream. There may be gaps in the blogging and I know you’ll understand. There will definitely be gaps in what I can share of the work I’m doing. I’m not the first quilt blogger turned book author and won’t be the last.

Happy Quilting!