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Three bloggers I admire a lot

Stephanie Forsythe
Stephanie Forsythe

There are bloggers in the quilting community who have always been rather honest about who they are as people and as quilters.  Megan comes to mind immediately.  I like her style.  I admire that Megan found a way to support her brother through something rather challenging in a fun and irreverent way.

In recent days Stephanie, Melly and Cheryl have all written blogs that I think are a gift.  These gals, to me, all stand out.  Of course there are a lot of quilters who stand out. Eleanor Levie has a lecture Quilters Who Dared sharing with us the choices that quilt makers have made through the years that have them standing out in their crowd.  This lecture has stayed with me for a very long time.

What I admire most is the risk each one takes in making their personal statements.  There is now a whole website/community  and facebook page devoted to quilters who take risks.

Quilters are risk takers in general.  Think about it.  Quilters through the ages have made political statements in their quilts supporting/opposing: candidates, political issues, moral issues and the list could go on and on and on.  And we should, it’s one way to be heard and we should be heard.  As quilt makers voicing our opinions about things should be part of who we are.  In the past little while I’ve tried being quite risky with my language but truthfully it’s not who I am.  I don’t care that others use foul language on their blogs or in my company.  Its just not me.  And I am more okay with that now than I ever have been.  Part of this struggle over the last few months has had to do with wanting/needing to be popular in the quilting community.  I’ve wanted that a lot and it’s had some difficult effects.  My friend Debby turned me on to Seth Godin’s blogs.  Many of them have been eye opening in such great ways. But this on on Getting Picked spoke to this quilters heart and helped me relax and begin to just enjoy the ride of however this quilting thing works itself out.I will continue to be the encouraging helpful cheerleader and damn good quilter that I’ve always wanted to be.

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  1. Well holy moly.. thanks for the link up!… and I love Seth!.. I think our desire to be liked really is a painful two edge sword.. I can’t wait to see you talk more about this.. but you are right.. in the end riding the wave is better for our Karma and our soul.. Quilt it baby!


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