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A week with my sweetie

jb cactiMy sweetie has been on vacation this week so any time that I wasn’t working the time was spent with him.  Outside of quilting this is my very favorite thing in life to do.  We spent time alone and with friends.

Wednesday evening we went into the City to see “Old Hats” with David Shiner and Bill Erwin.  These clowns are funny and I mean that in the very best way. The show is closing soon so if you get a chance go see this!!  The theater has live music prior to the show, a book store and is just lovely!  We first saw them shortly after we moved to NY way back in 1995 in Fool Moon where we got to participate in one of the skits.  So technically I have been in a Broadway play.  Our friend Mary joined us for dinner and the show.  The food…outstanding! simply outstanding.  I ordered the wine backwards with my dinner.  I ordered a red first that went ok with the appetizer and the Sancerre with dinner and it was ok, however if I’d ordered them the other way round it, sublime would be a most apt description.

at julies 009Friday we visited with friends.  Part of the joy in visiting these friends….we were married one month apart from each other.  Jules and I met years and years ago really became friends when we lived in Georgia and have stayed friends over the years.  Jules quilts and it’s been so fun watching her grow as a quilt maker.  My sweetie and I brought dessert with us from Ady’s Cakes in Reading.  We just happened upon this place and oh my goodness are the cupcakes outstanding.  Because 8 people were having dinner together we brought a dozen with us.  If you’re ever in Reading find this place.  Have a cupcake.  Or 2 and share with a friend.
Jules husband is a farmer, mostly dairy (milk) but they have chickens and goats too.  We are the very grateful recipients of some of their fresh eggs.  If you ever have the chance to get fresh eggs, from chickens who are free range…oh my goodness they are just simply outstanding.  Jules made deviled eggs with dinner, so good!!  She can make them any time as far as I’m concerned.

at julies 003The Kaleidoscope above is from a photo of an old, twisted, gnarly cactus at Jules place. It has such character!


sunday fun 005Sunday we went to Garrison Landing to see “Beyond the Fringe”, a series of skits that launched the careers of John Cleese, Eric Idle, Rowan Atkinson and a whole generation of actors involved in comedy.  The whole show was fun.  I have to admit I did snooze during one of the skits, I was trying to pay attention honestly I was.

Garrison Landing is where “Hello Dolly” was filmed.  It’s such a sweet little town with an art gallery and this theater that seats about 70 people.   The town is  located across the Hudson from West Point Military Academy.  sunday fun 002

Being Memorial Day I want to express my deep gratitude for our military and the freedoms we enjoy as a result of their service, bravery and sacrifice!

A trip to this area would not be complete without a trip to the Blue Pig for ice cream or sorbet.

There will be quilterly content very soon.  I’m on a bit of delayed gratification.  As soon as that comes through I will share with you.  Oh and look forward to a joint blog post with Debby Brown, probably in June.

Happy Quilting!




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  1. I don’t often get praise like you just gave; I’m so glad you were able to enjoy your week and your trip. DH expressed regret that we don’t get up to see you as well, but the city driving is a deterrent. Maybe we’ll get brave sometime soon! Love to you both. Glad you enjoyed the eggs!

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