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Currently and concurrently


I saw this list on Debby Browns blog who saw it on Pat Sloan’s blog and thought I’d post my own answers:

I am currently:

  • Watching:  Master Chefs Professional on BBC America.  I love to watch food, beautiful gorgeous food being cooked.
  • Reading:  I am in the first few chapters of Marie Bostwick’s ties that bind.  I discovered something a few weeks ago – I prefer reading on my kindle.  Who knew?
  • Listening:  Pandora when I quilt!
  • Making:  I’m currently working on about 6 projects.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to get 1 of 3 competition quilts basted on Debby’s HQ Fusion.  I’ll be sharing more below this post.
  • Feeling:  Grateful for some amazing opportunities.  Including 2 of the competition quilts I’m working on.  I love working with Jeanie and Keith.
  • Planning:  on my quilting time.  I am so excited to get started on these projects.
  • Loving:  Just life.  Life in general.  After the creative slump over the winter I’m just happy to be quilting, enjoying my 780 and just grateful.
Care to play along?  Comment with your own list of what you are “currently” doing.
CAM00038This is Debby and me at the end of a very fun, very productive day for both of us.  I have to remember when writing directions down that some details are essential.  I would have been better off copying the entire email into my phone.  CAM00034She is quite the quilterly hostess!  Homemade (like right before we ate) pesto, mozzarella and fresh tomatoes for lunch, oh and good Italian bread.  There was no pesto left…oh my goodness this was fab.  Did I mention it was soooooooooo good?  Later in the afternoon for ongoing sustenance she made a chocolate pudding cake.  CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CAM00032First quilt on the frame – Grammas 90th Birthday Quilt.  While I was simply basting this quilt I did play.  Who wouldn’t?  And lest the thought cross your mind, “Oh no there goes Teri becoming a long arm quilter!” have no fear I love quilting on my home sewing machine. More to the point I love teaching quilters how to use their home sewing machines to quilt.  And I don’t have room for a long arm in the house.  Well actually with HQ I would they do have a variety of sizes available to quilters.
CAM00035The next quilt is something I threw together a couple of weeks ago that I have someone in mind for.  I won’t be in my studio for a few days so the binding will have to wait.  The top is canvas, the bottom is an orange batik intended for another quilt that I left at home.  (Clearly I need more coffee in the morning.)Because this one isn’t as personal to me testing my prowess on the long arm proved to be a bit of fun.  When I teach there are a few things that I have the students do to get the hand of machine quilting so I did these motifs all over the quilt including writing the word fly.
The final quilt I basted I can’t share just yet but it was well worth all of the effort.  The quilt was basted with 2 layers of silk batting, batik on the back, vanish and vanish lite on the bobbin.  Oh dearie me all of my competition quilts may be basted like this going forward.  Best of all, though I know that as I stitch everything I don’t have to be concerned about having the back pucker anywhere.
Happy Quilting!

10 thoughts on “Currently and concurrently”

  1. I’ll play – but base it on my last day of quilting (Tuesday), not my slothful morning of computer laziness today so far:

    Watching – well, no, there’s no TV in the main quilting room, so I’m listening to the radio, which usually ends with me deep thinking about something I have heard there…not quite meditation, but almost.

    Reading – “The Light in the Ruins” by Bohjalian, WWII based novel. Chris Bohjalian can write about women in women’s voices in a way no other male author I read can do it. I had finished “Midwives” when it first came out and was 1/2 way through “Law of Similars” before I discovered the author was a guy…and I didn’t believe it until I checked out his bio in the back of the book. Oh yeah, I was also reading Betsy-Tacy early this week, a throw back to child hood reading.

    Listening – besides the radio, the birds in the bushes outside my sewing room window., the quiet

    Making – a toddler sized sampler quilt from 30’s reproduction fabric. Probably for charity (the church we attend on vacations) or maybe to hang on the wall over the staircase at our house. I have fallen in love with it and may not be able to part with it.

    Planning – which UFO to finish next – probably Warm Wishes for my husband, needs to have the quilting finished, and then to bind it. I am so in love with the 30’s sampler that I made that I think I will reward myself for each finished UFO by making a 30’s sampler block from the Egg Money Quilts book by Eleanor Burns. I have enough UFO’s to blanket the entire family!

    Loving – My Blessings: my life, my family, my faith, quilting, books, quilting friends…

      1. As soon as I get the binding on…that’s all that’s left.

        Losing time to go to Briarcliff today for a library sponsored quilt show and short project class. But quilting friends will abound, so worth it.

  2. Basting with Vanish/Vanish Lite is what I did and then I started using Sharon Shamber’s method. It works great resulting in every layer totally ‘on-grain’. I FMQ on a Juki TL2010Q and a HQ Sweet Sixteen……..I have a small room and, even if I had the room, the S.S. would be my choice. I prefer to move the fabric rather than the machine!!! Hugs……..

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