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Inspired to piece – volume 2

round robin before final workThe quilting portion of the last few weeks has been all about piecing quilt tops as evidenced by this post and this one and this one, oh and this one.  I’m sure there are one or two more on piecing posts lately.  Today’s finish leaves me with 5 quilt tops to quilt.  As I searched for a quilt backing from Sew Batik  I have on hand I found another top from a couple of years ago and since I’m going to a friends home to use long arm for a few hours later this week I might as well bring this one with with me too and see how many I can get done.  Oh pick your chin up off the floor I’m not going to become a long arm quilter.  Debby basted a quilt she’s quilting on her Sweet 16 on her long arm and got my mind thinking, thinking, thinking.  Thanks Debby!

This means too that all of the backing must be ready.  I did the clip and rip on the backing for Gramma’s quilt.  I’m happy with it and I think Gramma will be happy with her quilt.  I thought I’d go with a red backing for the quilt Keith sent and oooooo another idea and I’m going to make it happen.

CAM00022Back to the piecing part of my weekend.
Sunday I finished piecing the quilt on the right.  The 9 patches measure 2 3/4″ across making them 2 1/4″ finished.  I’m going to admit being a bit of a “Tricksey Hobbit” with this quilt.  One of my quilterly goals is to help quilters through their quilterly fear into a productive quilting experience.  I’ve been there, I know what it’s like, and sometime having someone walk with you through it, support and encourage you makes all the difference. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy for the quilter, just getting through the fear.  Melanie gave me 4 of her hand printed pieces and my hands were itching to get started piecing.  I added some onyx Cherrywood, a hand dyed yellowy orange and a lovely fuchsia.  I added the Onyx (not quite black) for a very specific reason.  Melanie bought a dark gray to show off her fabrics and I wanted to, no needed to give her an idea of what they will look like with her prints.  The gift of this as I posted photos on fb? Melanie was encouraged, inspired and smitten.  Mellys 9 patch 019My work here is almost done.  I still need to quilt it.  I’m thinking out of my zone and going for straight lines.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  The finished quilt is about 40″ long and about 30 wide.  It may already have a new home.

I flew by the seat of my pants piecing this one.  After making the 9 patches I wanted something to go with them so made the other blocks.  As I chatted with Debby one night I thought I’d make one really long strip to run the entire length of the quilt then have the rest set in perpendicular to the strip.  Well as you can see it didn’t quite work out that way.  All in all I’m quite pleased with this.  The next project with the Cherrywoods will be

wait for it

are you sure you want to know?


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an 8 pointed star.

I’m beginning to think I’ve lost my mind.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Love the setting! And I don’t think using a long arm occasionally is a bad idea! My friend has one and has generously offered to baste up quilts for me, which I will take advantage of, as that is the worst part of the whole process!

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