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AQS Des Moines and my Gramma

CAM00471Autumn is my favorite season ever.  A couple of weeks ago I taught in Bath and had just the best time.  I did not think I’d be back in Maine until sometime next year.  Surprise, I went back over the weekend.

On Friday September 27th, my Gramma passed away.  This is a meaningful date in my family for 2 reasons, my moms mom passed away and my sweetie and I celebrate our anniversary.  Most of the folks who read my blog – also follow me on facebook – know this already.  I’m very grateful for the support we as a family have received.  I’ll miss my Gramma and the trips to Maine will be different.  With each and every trip a visit to Gramma was a priority.  I am grateful to the folks at Montello Commons who cared for her all these years and to the folks at Albert-Burpee Funeral Home for taking care of her in death.  Gerry and his staff could not have been more kind and caring.  Our family was there in 1976 when Grampa passed away and well, they still talk about that. This is a tale for another day.

When I learned of Gramma’s passing I’d hoped to be able to still go teach in Des Moines.  Late Saturday evening after many phone calls including the airline and travel agent who made the original reservations I had to cancel the trip.  I can tell you tears of sadness for not being able to work out the details were mixed with tears of grief.  Gramma was my last surviving grand parent and I’m very grateful to have had her for all of my life.  Making the decision to cancel the trip to AQS Des Moines for Quilt week was gutting but I needed to be with my family. 

CAM00452I would like to thank Bonnie Browning for hiring me for this show and being so understanding.  Melissa Winters, thank you for being available and waiting patiently for my decision.  Thank you Michelle Wheat of Custom Travel for booking my original flight and taking both phone calls.  Your insight was invaluable.  PS if you need help making travel arrangements call Michelle, she made great arrangements!!!

To my students, I will miss you very much.  Thank you for your interest in machine quilting and my classes in particular. As you’ve read on my blog over and over again I love teaching so was really looking forward to sharing this time with you. I thank you in advance for your understanding of our loss and my need to be with my family.  I hope to have the opportunity to come and share with you once again.

CAM00431The time with the family was precious in so many ways and I’m grateful for the time with each one.  A few weeks ago I posted about working on Grammas 90th birthday quilt – there is a story to why it took so long and that’s another day. The quilt will be finished just after the new year and one of my cousins will get the quilt as most of the signatures are her brothers and sisters. 


Happy Quilting!



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  1. Teri, I am so sorry about the loss of your Gramma. My heart goes out to you and your family. My Gram passed 34 years ago and there isn’t a week that goes by when I don’t wish she was here to create with me. Sending you warm hugs. xoxo

  2. Jeannie, I said almost the same thing to Teri when I first heard of her grandmother’s passing. We lost mine in 1984, but she is still with me especially when I’m sewing. I have acquired nearly all of her sewing tools, and they’re among my most treasured things.

    Teri, I hope and pray that you’ll be able to keep your Gramma with you in this particular way too.

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