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An open letter to @play

CAM00315Dear @play,

Enjoy your journey to Portland for a visit to the Pacific Northwest Quilt Festival.  Portland is a great city (home of some amazing architecture, donuts, views and PEOPLE) and I think you’ll enjoy it.  From conception (thanks AEF) to finishing the binding the 2nd time Thursday morning at 2:43 AM you have been so important to me.  I am very grateful to Vicki Anderson of Machine Quilting Unlimited for inviting me to create you.  And to Gregory Case for photographing you and confirming for me that you are indeed square and revealing to me something more about who you are. Your design is something completely new to me and is a composite of so many ideas that I’ve wanted to use in a quilt for a very long time.
You helped me through a really rough moment in life bringing both great joy and some serious frustration.  Thank you for both.

Greet every one you meet with a smile.  There will be quilters who love you and will complement you – thank them.  Gratitude is important in the world of quilting and in life.  There will be quilters who don’t particularly care for you or don’t like you at all – thank them too, appreciate their honesty.  There will be quilters who don’t quite get you, draw them in let them look.  You will touch their hearts, you’ve touched mine very, very deeply.

Like every other quilter who has ever entered a show, my heart travels with you.  I send it with you freely and unreservedly.  Enjoy the ride dear quilt, enjoy the ride.



5 thoughts on “An open letter to @play”

  1. This is very well put, we all carry our hearts on our sleeve when we send our “babies” off to show. I believe this is because we have poured so much of ourselves into the piece it is TRULLY a part of us. I hope at play enjoys her journey and perhaps she will hang next to sunflower fancy as I presume they are both in the small whole cloth category…..

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