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AQS Des Moines and my Gramma

Autumn is my favorite season ever.  A couple of weeks ago I taught in Bath and had just the best time.  I did not think I'd be back in Maine until sometime next year.  Surprise, I went back over the weekend.On Friday September 27th, my Gramma passed away.  This is a meaningful date in my… Continue reading AQS Des Moines and my Gramma

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AQS Des Moines I’m on the faculty!

Teaching at a Quilt Show is so much fun.  From October 2nd through 5th I'll be teaching with AQS in Des Moines, IA.  I'm excited, it's a great show to teach for and I'll be joining a great faculty with Linda M Poole, Charlotte Angotti, Anita Grossmon Solomon, Jan Krentz, Martha DeLeonardis, Weeks Ringle and… Continue reading AQS Des Moines I’m on the faculty!

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Happy Third Birthday!

Congratulations to Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims and Jan Magee!!!  Oh wait a moment - there are a lot of other people to congratulate as well from all of the authors and quilters to the publisher and photographers and so many people who have contributed to this magazine!  I'm privileged to have written for The Quilt… Continue reading Happy Third Birthday!

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AQS Knoxville Quilt Show 2011

This trip confirmed for me that teaching and sharing the wonderment of quilts is the right career for me.  To say that I enjoyed this trip is an understatement.  Bonnie Browning and the staff of AQS made it easy to just be the teacher. My sweetie dropped me off at LaGuardia Tuesday morning.  While I… Continue reading AQS Knoxville Quilt Show 2011

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Getting Ready

These last few weeks I'm in the process of getting ready for Knoxville.  I've finished up one major component and it's printed. brouchure for lecture and workshops june 2011  Here's the pdf for you to see my lectures & workshops.  I have a few more things to do in the process, but all is coming… Continue reading Getting Ready

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AQS Classes & Hartsdale Classes

I have  room in my AQS classes @ Knoxville and would love to have you join me!  July 13 - 16, 2011 Quilting is a Beautiful and Complicated Art -From hand work to finishing touches “Quilting is a Beautiful & Complicated Art!”  Explore with Teri the myriad of quilting options in the quilt making process and… Continue reading AQS Classes & Hartsdale Classes

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Robert Kaufman’s Radiance and Hobbs Tuscany Silk

When I returned from Lancaster I blogged about Robert Kaufman's Radiance line a 55% cotton, 45% silk blend.  It's yummy.  Oh, it's really yummy fabric. I mentioned too that I purchased Hobbs Tuscany Collection Silk Batting to use with this and "Moon Over Manhattan". On Sunday I had the opportunity to play with these two… Continue reading Robert Kaufman’s Radiance and Hobbs Tuscany Silk