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Quilting, bubbling, quilting

CAM00513Sing it with me now, “Tiny Bubbles
I’m still stitching tiny bubbles.
Tiny Bubbles here, tiny bubbles there.
Tiny Bubbles


CAM00650I’m stitching tiny bubbles.  And occasionally checking in on my stitch count.  It’s fun to stitch for a while and watch the stitch count go up.  As of the time of this post I’m 3,000 stitches shy of 350,000 stitches.  More than likely by the end of this quilt I’ll be very close to if not over 1 Million stitches.

CAM00649And then there’s this feature that I love so very much.

By pressing the “i” this screen comes up.

I can then press the “save” button and save the stitch that I’m working on right now allowing me to turn the machine off, go away for a very long time, turn the machine on and have my settings stay right where I need them.

This is stinkin’ cool!!!

Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “Quilting, bubbling, quilting”

      1. to get to the screen to see your stitch count:
        Touch the gears button when the next screen comes up
        press on the button in the lower right hand corner

        The next screen has 3 places to look – you want the one where you find the version check – the one on the far left. I a day or two I’ll write a blog post with photos of each screen.

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