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“You’re a quilting nerd” she said

CAM00513Quilters as mentioned here I found the screen to see the stitch count on my machine!  I’ve often wondered, and there is no way to tell, how many stitches there are on my 1080’s.  With the quilts stitched from piecing to binding over the years and all those tiny bubbles from @play I’m sure the counter would be in the millions.  Perhaps with those bubbles on @play I may have topped the billion stitches?  A quilter can dream!

CAM00650So curiosity got the better of me yesterday, I wrote down the start number on one 1 x 7″ strip where I’m quilting bubbles.  (if I haven’t mentioned this before Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero has mad skills as a piecer!)  When I got to the end I checked the stitch count, quilted another strip, checked the stitch count.  After the 3rd I checked the average: over 6,000 stitches per strip.  Since I can’t count how many bubbles there are I can count the stitches.  More to the point the BERNINA 780 counts the stitches for me.  I’d be a little like that owl in the tootsie pop commercial stopping at, “one, two, three!”

Congratulations to my friend Debby Brown! Handi Quilter released 4 teaching videos that Debby taped over the summer.  Check out Debby’s blog for details. I’m so excited for her.

Have a happy Sunday!



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  1. Pebbles are addicting and work everywhere (no matter whether the motifs are traditional, modern or somewhere in between!!!)! I am addicted/obsessed/totally “nerdified” when it comes to these!!! I will have to check the counter on my “Sweet Sixteen” the next time. Love this post!! Hehe! Hugs……

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