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BERNINA 7 Series Quilters hint

*NOTE* I sat down at the B 710 today. The securing stitch at the beginning is still there even after I showed you the following.  This disables the pattern at the end! Which as quilters is so important. There is a firmware update in the works   that the amazing techs at BERNINA are working on which will give the B 710 and B 750 users the ability to turn of that securing stitch. YEAH. In the meantime quilters here’s our quickie tip use a “leader” to start stitching on. Let the securing stitch stitch out on a scrap. It’s temporary and we all have scraps.

Quilters are a funny lot we are.  We love our machines and their features. Particularly on the BERNINA 7 Series we love the 10″ of space; Dual Feed and oh so much more. One of the first things I did was turn off the securing stitch. If I made clothing I would find this helpful as there are a number of options making it quite versatile. For quilters though, this securing feature creates bulk in places where we don’t want it.
BERNINA has simulators for each one of the machines that I will link to right here: B 710, B 750, B 780. On the right side of each page there is a file you can download to simulator specific to your machine. What this allows you to do is explore the features on your sewing computer and learn the steps without feeling like you’re going to mess up your machine. PRICELESS!
Each one of the photos below is a screen shot of the steps to get to turning off the securing function. Not to worry you can turn it back on again if you want.
I’ve used different backgrounds for each model. The BERNINA 780 has the most features; the 710 the fewest.
If there is another tutorial you’d like please let me know.
I’m going to post a couple of B 780 specific tutorials tomorrow covering the hover and securing stitch.

Happy Quilting,


710 home screen
B 710 Home Screen
710 gears screen
Gears Screen
Select the stitch – 2nd Icon from the right on the top row
710 hover screen 2
use the arrow keys to go to the 2nd page
select or deselect hover
press the knot to deselect the knot/securing stitch function
750 full image simulator
750 gears screen B 750 Gears select the stitch button.
top row 2nd from right
750 gears stitch screen 2
Press the arrow on the bottom of the screen to the 2nd page which looks like this
750 select or deselect hover
Press the knot/secure stitch button to deselect (turn off) the securing stitch feature
B 750 turn off securing stitch
The screen should now look like this.

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