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BERNINA 7 Series Quilters Hints B 780

780 full image simulatorI have this gorgeous machine. Shhh don’t tell anyone I said this but “Grand Slam BERNINA! Grand Slam!!”The 7 Series just knocks my socks off. Okay okay I admit it I have the B 780. Sweet!

Again we quilters are rather finicky. We like what we like and frequently we know what we like.
BERNINA built-in so many great features that sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. But they’ve also given us the simulators giving us a chance to experiment without feeling like we’re going to ‘break’ something.
Before the sewing computer was delivered I downloaded the simulator as I knew this machine is different and I wanted to know what it’s about. *When reading the images below the pictures flow from top to bottom with their text. There are some notes on the side that refer back.

As a follow up to yesterdays blog on the B 710/B 750 I’m focusing in on the B 780 today. It’s different enough that solo is the way to go.

Disabling the securing stitch:

B 780 select stitch zigag
When you tap the gears this is the screen that comes up. We’re going to tap on the stitch icon located on the top row left.
B 780 select pointing finger
When tapping on the stitch icon this screen comes up. Top left is the tension control, top right speed, bottom left is the secure stitch at the beginning and bottom right is programming function.
By simply moving the switch from the on to the off position the first securing stitch is disabled
B 780 select hove top left corner
Now if you tap on the pointer finger this amazing screen comes up. This screen give us lots of options to really customize the setting on our sewing computer.
Top Left: Hover; Middle Left: Automatic Thread Cutter and Securing Stitches; Bottom Left: Reverse Button (either revers or stitch back
Top Right: *Pattern; Middle Right: Needle Position with hover; Bottom right: securing stitch

Adjusting the height of the Hover:

Just a note (some of these are unofficial names)
I’m enjoying one amazing feature: the ? to get answers to all pertinent questions.
Just tape the ? and then tap something on the screen to learn more about it. BERNINA – sometimes there’s just text sometimes there’s videos i.e. threading, winding the bobbin etc.

B 780 adjust hover height
Let’s tap on the Hover Icon located on the upper right.
the preset hover height is 2.0 mm. from here we can tap the negative/plus icons to reduce or raise the hover height.
B 780 hover to zero
You can see I set the hover to 0.
Yep. 0
Now see that yellow around the center icon indicating height? Tap that and the computer will reset to the preset of 2.0 mm.

Now you’re ready to get back to the all important stitching.  Now I’ve mentioned in a previous blog that I love the knee lift. It took some getting used to but now! oh Hot Dog! it makes me happy. Just a simple nudge with the knee and the foot lifts just enough to get the next pieces in and set for that all important quarter-inch seam. If you’re like me you’ve picked up the quarter-inch foot. Love!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I agree, the 780 Rocks! I have had several top of the line machines including several Berninas, and the 780 is my hands-down favorite. It is like it was designed exactly for me!

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