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Choosing Motifs – Triple Play

Serendipity gone huge pebbles

Shhh, don’t tell anyone.
I didn’t always quilt as well as I do now.Shocking I know.
Six/seven years ago I wouldn’t have been able to problem solve enough to get to a solution for using certain threads in the sewing machine. I do now and I learned by experience. How cool is that?!
This quilt is still in process, it’s one of my own whole cloth quilts that will have it’s own unique feel about it.


49-pieces-of-chocolate-stretched-outThe quilt to the left here is called “49 pieces of chocolat” and has something of a funny story.

The quilting on here is a bit of a trip because it’s sort of all over the map. Leaves, flowers, my name all kinds of things. I used 2 threads through one needle because it was fun and I liked the look.

49 pieces of chocolat does not have enough quilting over the surface

the border has been (intentionally) left unquilted – and that offers a teaching opportunity.
If I were quilting this now I would keep it simple. Or not. I might go looney and quilt in a play on paisleys or feathers. I’d actually quilt the border.
Yeah, I would quilt the border.

its-bigger-than-i-thoughtBy the time I got to “it’s bigger than I thought” pieced by Cheryl I had some ideas for where to go with the quilting but that all changed after the Ricky Tims Super Seminar.

The only motif I used on this quilt is feathers.
Every shape and size of feather that I new how to do.
I curved from here to there and back again.
The border is feathered as well using the curved lines as the spine for the feathers.

The single motif is great for this quilt.

I used a 30 weight variegated thread for this. Sulky I think. I see quilters say if you’re doing this then use that. More to the point if you’re quilting a very busy quilt then use a solid color thread because the quilting won’t show anyway. Click on the picture –  you can see the feathers.
Or quilters will say on a busy quilt like this, “do simple quilting because it won’t show anyway” well, the quilting isn’t simple. And ya know what? I love it. And ya know what? That is the most important thing about it. I love it. This quilt makes me happy. That’s the most important thing. I like it.
About a week ago I was piecing  a quilt for work and started stressing about both the layout and the potential quilting. Because this is a beginner quilt and a shop sample the quilting needs to be simple and clean. I’ll probably stitch in the ditch for the center then stitch straight lines in the border. When I was a less experienced quilter this would sometimes send me over the edge. The quilt would stay pinned to the design wall for weeks on end. I’d finally just get it basted, choose thread, wind bobbins and sit and stitch.
I will hang quilts and think about them for a while before I do anything! I have a couple of groups of friends that I’ll ask for input (I see a lot of this on line and I like it!).

If you don’t know what to quilt – you’re in good company.
If you don’t know what to quilt – ask (send me pictures I’ll offer options)
If you don’t know what to quilt – look through pictures of quilts that you’ve taken at quilt shows. If you don’t have pictures do a wee bit of looking around the internet. There are lots of quilt related blogs out there. Just be sure to ask the quilter if you want to use a particular motif. It’s just the nice thing and the right thing to do.
Most of all have fun.

There will be more Choosing Motifs blogs. Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!! (And got a bit of a chuckle at a couple “been there/done that” memories!!!!!) I think the “overthinking” syndrome leads to the biggest/major cause of “quilter’s block” (you know, that anxious, hand-wringing period of time when all the motifs ‘magically’ evaporate from a body’s memory bank!!!!! ). Looking forward to the next series installment………..hugs………….

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