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BERNINA 710 & 750 version check

710 home screenAs I mentioned in an earlier post I’ve color coded the BERNINA 7 Series Machines. The B 710 is green, the B 750 is maroon/deep red and the B 780 is purple. Checking the version is the same on the B 710 & B 750 so I’m showing it all on the B 710 today.

BERNINA updates the Firmware on machines as necessary and there is one due out soon. There is not an official date yet and when I see it up on the BERNINA site I will let you all know. This is an update that we as the owner can do. I would encourage (not that we need to hear this) reading the directions a couple of times and proceeding slowly through the process taking it step by stem. I know we quilters like to take short cuts sometimes but the updates is one place we want to go by the book. I do recommend going to the dealer for the update if you can.

710 gears screenSo to check the current version:
1) click on the Gears
2) The settings screen will come up
3) From there click on the “i” or information
B 710 version check screen 2 language selection

4) This takes you to a series of screens the first is the language screen.
5) Press the arrow key to take you to the next screen.
B 710 version checkThe top line will show what Version Software is currently operating.
To see if you have the current version software visit the BERNINA website for the 7 Series if you have a B 710; and a B 750. I’ve linked right over to the support pages for each machine so it’s easy peasy.
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