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Feather Challenge Final Post

Doing the feather challenge, tutorial and posting the submissions has been so much fun. I love seeing quilters take a risk and grow. Thank you all for participating! Tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll do a recap post. In a few days I’ll decide on a winner.

Dear Teri,

Iris_Feather challenge 1-1aI have been reading your blog for a year now and I am exited every time you post a new entry. I am grateful for your feather tutorial and hope you will post more tutorials! I have tried to discover the secret of some of your motives and just cannot get them look like yours. Iris_Feather challenge 2-1a
I have been practicing free motion quilting for a couple of years now and I think I am getting the hang of it, though I still need to learn to control my new sewing machine; unfortunately I get a lot of pokies and the tension adjustments do not seem to make any difference. It is frustrating!
My first feathers were awful! I read many tutorials and after a lot of practice I got them looking more composed. I couldn’t get my feathers to look delicate though; they looked stiff and formal.
Iris_Feather challenge 3-1aYour way of drawing feathers makes them look more dynamic. Using your technique is more intuitive for me, keeping the petals long and slim, not tracing down to the stem but bumping from the top instead helps me to keep my feathers more flowing and interesting.
Iris_Feather challenge 4aI might be too late to the challenge (I live in Spain, too far to be shipping anything anyway – though fabric is always appreciated! 😉 but you can post the photos if you wish. I am sending you this simply to show my appreciation of your skills, your blog and your generosity in sharing your talent with us, and to let you know how inspiring you are to all of us who know your work!
Best regards and happy quilting,
Dear Iris,
Thank you for doing the feather challenge.
I love your feathers and in particular your feather centers so much.
Sometime in the next couple of weeks I’ll post a bit on tension to help with it.
Thank you so much for your kind note. I am encouraged!

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