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BERNINA Ambassador vids and a couple of (new?) classes

Brand Ambassador BadgeA couple of weeks ago all of the BERNINA Ambassadors received a link to their interview on YouTube. Here’s a link to the whole group.  And a link to my interview. The interviews were done when we were at the Reunion in December. We had such a great time learning about the different feet and machines and what they can do! I am really honored to be a BERNINA Ambassador.  At the shop where I work and one other (I’ll let you all know dates) I’ll be hosting a class featuring presser feet we can use in our quilts. I’ll be doing this one other place as well and I’ll let you in on that just as soon as I’m able.


coffee mugsA couple of years ago while I was recovering from surgery I spent a lot of time drawing coffee cups.  Oh heck I just spent a lot of time drawing. I needed to do something since I could not quilt.  (It was during this time I realized that quilting is a full-contact sport!)
I had so much fun with these. They were all unique and I could be whimsical and impractical in design – note the crazy handles! Drawing (no matter how “bad” you think anything looks) is a great way to figure out how to quilt something.

coffee mugs 002I’m thinking – when I have a moment of free time of creating some of these beauties in cloth. A little background fabric, a little Mistyfuse, a hot iron, a little batting and thread and voila! a quick project.

To quote Josie (my Garmin Nuvi) in her Elfred voice, “thinking! thinking!”

coffee mugs 005The other class I’m considering is a quilted clutch or small purse. It’s something we could do in a one day class, maybe even a two day class. I have always enjoyed making my own unique totes and purses. They’re always the right size. There’s some electric blue faux suede at work that’s just calling my name.

Happy Quilting!





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  1. I like the cups. I, too, enjoy making my own totes and bags and there is almost nothing more fun than making a clutch just the right size to grab and go somewhere, or tuck in that tote. I enjoyed your interview and those of a few others I listened to. Go Bernina! Go you! 😀

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