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Tlaquepaque Restaurant – New Rochelle

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Every once in a while we find a restaurant that just hits the spot for so many reasons. Tlaquepaque is one of those places. My sweetie and I picked up our friend Ann at the airport yesterday afternoon. As you know driving in and around NY City can be a bit of a challenge, particularly on game days. Yesterday was a game day for the Mets. No big deal. Usually. As we headed over the bridge there was serious traffic heading back – whoops, followed Josie, my GPS, and ended up stuck for quite a while. Ooops.

Eventually we arrived at our chosen restaurant – Tlaquepaque – on North Ave. in New Rochelle. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were greeted warmly when we walked in. While it’s not on the menu we asked for a pitcher of sangria to share, the pitcher was soon brought to our table. The owner, Victor, came to our table to tell us about the specials. The way he talked about food – oh WOW he’s passionate about the food he serves. That got us excited.
Shortly after we walked in a group of three women, one with a little boy about 12 months old came in. After the little boy fell asleep on his momma’s shoulder Victor brought over two cushions, set them on the floor near momma so the little boy could sleep and momma could eat. Sweetest.thing.ever.

Our food arrived my sweetie had coconut crusted tilapia and Ann & I had steak with cheese enchiladas and mole. Best mole ever. Our food was soooooooooooooooooo good. So good in fact we asked about dessert and ordered one of each: a deep-fried plantain with a thick sweetened milk sauce, home-made tiramisu and home-made bread pudding. I have to say I loved the plantain and the tiramisu, don’t get me wrong the bread pudding was good, very good. I just loved the plantain and the tiramisu.
We will be back in 2 weeks when a friend of ours comes into town for Easter. Local peeps – this is a great place to eat.

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  1. OK, I’m hungry….again (and we just finished our evening meal!!!). How wonderful to find such a place!!! The thoughtfulness of the owner is a huge thing for sure!!!! Great post!!!!!

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