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Thank You Thursday

I'd like to thank the Academy... Just kidding. In a number of places around the internet there are "Days of the Year" listing the "official what makes this day special and/or what we celebrate." This day is "Thank you Thursday!" Long before I fell madly, passionately in love with fabric I was madly, passionately in… Continue reading Thank You Thursday

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From this to that

Sometimes when I'm on the phone for long periods of time I start drawing. Thinking about quilt design. Thinking about color and shape and texture and still paying attention If I were stitching this out I'd grab a 10-12" square of a solid fabric, pick a thread color and just start stitching. I may add… Continue reading From this to that

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BERNINA Ambassador vids and a couple of (new?) classes

A couple of weeks ago all of the BERNINA Ambassadors received a link to their interview on YouTube. Here's a link to the whole group.¬† And a link to my interview. The interviews were done when we were at the Reunion in December. We had such a great time learning about the different feet and… Continue reading BERNINA Ambassador vids and a couple of (new?) classes