Vendors & Quilt Show Fun

meant for mom ashley mackey
Meant for Mom Ashley Mackey
cosmati revisited linda schoenfeld
Cosmati Revisited Linda Schoenfeld

Toward the end of the day I headed back to the quilt show floor to check email and revisit a few quilts. From the mezzanine I saw a quilter whose quilt spoke to my heart. As I looked at it I felt the love pouring forth. There’s something special about it. Having the chance to speak with Ashley confirmed what I thought…it is a special quilt, with special meaning. And I’m so grateful I got to tell her that.
I’ve watched Linda Schoenfeld working on Cosmati Revisited for a few years ow. Based on a floor she saw in Italy Cosmati Revisited is striking! I love having the opportunity to see the end result. It’s a beautiful quilt and i love the energy.

Today I worked in the Follow that Thread booth helping Donna as best I could. Thankfully I work in Westchester County so figuring out tax wasn’t too difficult. I love talking with quilters and hearing their enthusiasm or explaining how the thread might look in their quilt.
After this day I have a new and deep appreciation for vendors at quilt shows. They work HARD to bring us product and share with us our passion. Often not having time to hit the ladies or gents room during the day. Can you just imagine? The vendors do get to talk with some of the coolest people – us quilters.

Happy Quilting!


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