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Choosing fabric

dyeing 2 sew sighOver the last few years the fabric that I choose has changed. I’m still madly in love with batiks. Always will be.  I’ve come to love hand dyed fabric. Each dye-r is unique and we get a sense of who they are in their fabrics. I’ve mentioned Dyeing 2 Sew in previous post. I love the clear color and hand of Mary’s fabrics. This weekend she had a few experimental pieces that I oohed and aaahed over. And three pieces came home with me.

dyeing 2 sew lovelinessThe first two I picked up on Saturday.
It was clear they were coming home with I could see exactly what I wanted to do with them.dyeing 2 sew fave
The third piece I woke up knowing what I was going to do with it on Sunday and got it then. This little piece will be heavily feathered and I can not wait to get stitching. This pieces has a very subtle background pattern. It’s my favorite of the 3!

There was a new vendor – Stone Row Studio – this year with her hand dyes. Tracy doesn’t have a website yet but she is working on it.
This gorgeous fabric – which isn’t showing so well is a “happy accident” One of her customers wanted a blending of two different color ways and this is the result.
Donna (Follow That Thread) picked up the same bundle. Good stuff indeed!

donnas ice dye fullAnd then there is Donna’s ice dyed piece. Oh my goodness! This is gorgeous.
I love the color and playfulness of this piece. She ice dyed this in August. It’s good to have an ice house down the street.

Coming up next: more beautiful quilts from the show!


Happy Quilting!


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There are three posts in total.

Happy quilting!



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