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One more reason to love! the BERNINA 780

I’ve not been shy about telling you all how much I love the B 780.

46 cSo I’m stitching the other day using the 46C foot (adding that cording to the quilt I posted here)  and needed to move the needle over to the right. Usually you hear the needle moving over. Nothing.
Confused look on my face.
I try pressing the button again to move the needle.
Is something wrong with my machine?
And then the lights came on:b 780 straight stitch plate

I have the straight stitch plate on the machine. No big deal right? Except I told the machine that I had the straight stitch plate ON the machine. So when I went to move my needle over the machine did exactly what it was supposed to do…prevent me the machine from moving the needle over.straight stitch plate selector Which then prevented another issue: breaking a needle. Breaking a needle oh the horror and agony and pain!

Oh dearie me one more reason to love the B 780.

Happy Quilting!


1 thought on “One more reason to love! the BERNINA 780”

  1. Same thing happened to me! I thought “Why isn’t my needle moving…I want it to move!” Puzzlement…..”Oh, my straight stitch throat plate!” So glad for this feature on my 630!

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