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A Sneak Peek and a PS on the Ruler Foot

The B 790 and all its amazing features will be adorning my sewing table sometime this weekend. There are New Features to explore, such as the stitch creator, and that new bobbin system. There is a new stitch count to raise. And, she needs a name. Stay tuned! Happy Quilting! Teri PS - Now you… Continue reading A Sneak Peek and a PS on the Ruler Foot

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BERNINA Q 24 thoughts from a domestic machine quilter

One of the questions from my previous post asked about the BERNINA long arm, to please give my thoughts. Note: today's photos are linked from the BERNINA website, I have none of my own from the Ambassador Retreat as I was busy stitching happily along. First thought, "it's a BERNINA, how could I not love… Continue reading BERNINA Q 24 thoughts from a domestic machine quilter

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Refreshed and renewed

One of the coolest things about working with and for Generation Q Magazine is working on the blog/book tours. I often read through books ahead of time and share some of the highlights. It's not always easy as there are some really good books out there. Books I would love every quilter to get for… Continue reading Refreshed and renewed

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Quantum Stops and Starts

There are a myriad of ways to stop and start when quilting. My preferred method is burying the thread. What usually happens is the thread snips end up on the floor around my feet. No big deal there's a mat for my office chair so I swoop them up and off to the bin they… Continue reading Quantum Stops and Starts

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the back of Quantum Leap

Today I'm sharing the back of Quantum Leap. Here are 7 individual blocks from the back. The quilting really shows from the back right now with the high contrasting colors. I'll be excited to get to the border soon. Enjoy! Happy Quilting! Teri

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Whole Cloth Challenge Update & a wee bit more

I know I say this a lot, but, I love to quilt. I am loving this whole cloth challenge. I am loving the process of creating. I like that after several hours of quilting the piece looks very, very different. I like that silk thread allows me to add teeny tiny stitching and detail work.… Continue reading Whole Cloth Challenge Update & a wee bit more

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Having fun!

One of the things I get to do as a BERNINA Ambassador is blog and give quilting/sewing tips. Here's the most recent tip on We All Sew. Somehow I have manage to not hit a pin while stitching. I've heard stories and Jo Leichte shares one of her own. Once I saw where a little… Continue reading Having fun!

Whole Cloth Challenge

Whole Cloth Challenge Update

I think. A lot. Sometimes I over think things. Sigh. It happens. I over think quilts All.The.Time. I'm okay with that. I've been thinking about this whole cloth challenge, you know the one with Lisa Calle. So now I have a title and a design idea: Intertwined. I've been thinking about how we're all connected… Continue reading Whole Cloth Challenge Update

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Whole Cloth Challenge & BERNINA University

Lisa posted some progress on her blog. Yay! She's been having a bit of a tough time with her neck lately so this is a major accomplishment Do you have any progress you want to share? I'd love to see what you're doing and would love to post pictures. Debby has been posting about her… Continue reading Whole Cloth Challenge & BERNINA University

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On the road again!

I'm so in love with quilting and teaching quilting and that I'm excited! Can you tell? Minnesota Quilts Here I come! I have to tell you though. . . I need a hot date with this chick: Janie, my BERNINA 780. We miss each other. Okay, I'm being somewhat dramatic. A lot dramatic really. We'll… Continue reading On the road again!