Whole Cloth Challenge

Whole Cloth Challenge – post #3

radiance options fixshhh don’t tell anyone but my whole cloth quilts have come to a screeching halt.
it’s okay though
this is part of my process, a life long kind of thing – procrastination
Because I’m doing two quilts I will be making more of a time investment in planning them out. Like in the next week or so.
This last couple of weeks have been life moment that happen in the middle. Five days away for teaching which meant tweaking hand outs, printing them, laundry, packing, working, and holding hands with my husband now and then.
I must admit I did slack a bit and in an area I’m not so happy with myself! Yi! Yi! Yi!
So over the weekend I’ll take some time to continue working on my drawings for the Radiance whole cloth challenge. In the meantime head over to Lisa’s blog and check out her video!

Happy Quilting!


3 thoughts on “Whole Cloth Challenge – post #3”

  1. The creative process truly takes time and canNOT be forced! The best work comes after much preliminary planning, sketching, trial/error(?) AND nighttime dreaming (in color!!!)……….


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